Eric Holder: DOJ Wrong to Apologize to Tea Party Groups for IRS Scandal

Former Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. said the Trump administration was wrong to have apologized to tea party groups snared in the IRS’s targeting scandal, saying it was another example of the new team undercutting career people at the Justice Department who’d initially cleared the IRS of wrongdoing.

“That apology was unnecessary, unfounded and inconsistent, it seems to me, with the responsibilities that somebody who would seek to lead the Justice Department should have done,” Mr. Holder said.

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2 Thoughts to “Eric Holder: DOJ Wrong to Apologize to Tea Party Groups for IRS Scandal”

  1. Randall

    Not only should the IRS have to apologize, but Holder should have to apologize.

  2. Brian McMurphy

    The guy who cleared the pay-to-play pardon for fugitive financier Marc Rich is talking about “misuse” of the power.

    Well, he does know of what he speaks.

    There is a jail cell with this scumbag’s name on it. He wants to run for President. Taking over the White House is not like grabbing a gun and taking over an ROTC building in an effort to rename it the “Malcolm X Lounge” like he did in college.

    One of our nation’s former top law enforcement officers. Holder is a precedent, not a President. By his standard, Cliven Bundy should be our next Attorney General.