Hijabs Will Soon Be Offered at Macy’s Department Stores

Apparel targeted for the Muslim women’s market will soon be available at Macy’s department stores. The chain describes the hand-dyed hijabs, maxi dresses, and extra-long cardigans among their new Islamic offerings as both modest and fashionable, The Washington Post reports. An online launch is slated for the “Verona Collection” on February 15.

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5 Thoughts to “Hijabs Will Soon Be Offered at Macy’s Department Stores”

  1. Mayor Barry

    Dressed head to toes in a burka is cute. I’ll be wearing one in public for now on.

  2. Just another reason to not shop at Macy’s. I hope they choke on al the muslim money they make on this.

  3. Bruce

    They are teaching their kids to kill your kids…what are you doing today?

  4. Bob

    Suicide vest available soon.

  5. Bill

    If you act now you won’t get one but two hijabs for the low low price of one American. But wait if you’re the first 10,000 customers we’ll throw in our how to book on starting your own personal terrorist cell group to support your local jihad, and a second book on sharia law, the new and improved constitution of the United States. And if that wasnt enough,You’ll also receive a catalog with thousands of hot single virgins in your area just waiting to be clsimed on our suicide bombers dating site. But you must act now!!! Paid for by liberals wanting to give America away

    of all the beautiful virgins awaiting you upon