Tennessee Star Editor-in-Chief to Guest Host for Michael DelGiorno on WTN Today

Tennessee Star Editor-in-chief Michael Patrick Leahy will be guest hosting for Michael DelGiorno on Nashville’s dominant talk radio station, WTN 99.7 FM, from 9 a.m. to noon today.

Tennessee Star

The 9 a.m. hour will focus on the candidates in the race for the Republican nomination in the 6th Congressional District.

State Rep. Judd Matheny (R-Tullahoma) is the scheduled guest in the first half hour (see image left), and former Tennessee Chancery Court Judge Bob Corlew (see image below) is the scheduled guest for the second half hour.

Former Tennessee Commissioner of Agriculture John Rose was also invited for a separate interview, but was unable to make it due to scheduling issues.

In the 10 a.m. hour, a new and surprising twist in the ongoing story about Mayor Megan Barry’s extramarital affair with bodyguard Sgt. Rob Forrest will be the topic of discussion in the first half hour.

“You can’t make this stuff up,” Leahy said of the surprising new twist.

The Star’s own Laura Baigert will provide an update on the 2018 session of the Tennessee General Assembly in the second half hour.

In the 11 a.m. the pros and cons of  Mayor Barry’s $9.2 billion transit plan, which faces a May 1 public referendum in Davidson County/Nashville, will be the topic of discussion.

Former mayoral candidate and Nashville businessman David Fox, a spokesperson for the No Tax for Trax group that opposes the plan, will be the guest in the first half hour, and Transit for Nashville, which supports the plan, has been asked to provide a spokesperson for the second half hour.

You can listen to the program live here on WTN’s website.

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