California Sues DOJ Over Funding Cuts to ‘Sanctuary States’

Tennessee Star

The state of California sued the Department of Justice Wednesday to force the release of records relating to Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ order to withhold funding from so-called sanctuary states. California is one of several sanctuary jurisdictions—but the first state—to file a lawsuit relating to Sessions’ order to tie federal grants to immigration compliance.

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One Thought to “California Sues DOJ Over Funding Cuts to ‘Sanctuary States’”

  1. John Dawson

    Why is it the Federal Government is suppling these grants in the first place? Where do these monies come from to fund these grants? How much is truly wasted in funding that could be utilized at state or federal level on these lawsuits?
    Seems to me to be like a chvhild here. If the child does wrong then as a parent one does not reward the child. This not an entitlement society or is it now. Give me, give me, give me I deserve that seems to be the norm. At times the child has to be told NO.