Commentary: Swamp Creatures Stir to Life as Big Spending Sparks Bipartisanship

Any time you hear Washington talk about bipartisan agreement, America, grab your wallet and run! Once again, lawmakers in Washington have finally cut through all the thorny brambles of partisanship and discovered (yet again! yippie!) something they can all agree upon: spending scads and scads more of other people’s money that we don’t even have!

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One Thought to “Commentary: Swamp Creatures Stir to Life as Big Spending Sparks Bipartisanship”

  1. It has come to more finger pointing than trying to fix. What can each Swamp Rat get that benefits them more than the people they are hired to represent or the people of the country as a whole. There is no balance wanted for the people. People wear the “blinders of ignorance” so rhey don’t have to acknowledge the corruptions around them. Knowledge is power and people are to complacent when it trust in this arena. Not a conspiracy theorist here, but government changes names of offices and projects faster than they can keep up with, causing confusion, as well as, the inability to track at multiple levels “shell game”. Billions waste on redundancy that can’t be obtained or tracked. If people cared they would do their own investigations with public records at GAO.