Mayor Megan Barry: I Don’t Plan on Resigning

Embattled Mayor Megan Barry sat down with WKRN’s Bob Mueller to discuss the ongoing firestorm of revelations about how City resources may have been used to support, and then cover up, her years-long extramarital affair with the head of her security detail, Rob Forrest. WKRN aired a 60-second preview of the full interview, which viewers can watch Sunday, February 11, during the 6pm news broadcast.

In the video, Barry, a Democrat and fierce critic of conservatives and the Trump agenda, told Mueller flatly, “I don’t plan on resigning,” and that, “At the moment, I fully believe that the TBI investigation will conclude that there were no taxpayer dollars that were misused.”

Mueller asked, “Do you hope for a fast conclusion to this? Do you want the informations out there? And will the results of all these investigtions be made public?”

Barry answered, “As far as I know – I don’t know how that all works; this is all new territory – but I will tell you clearly for me, the faster this gets resolved the better for my family and the citizens of Nashville.”

Meanwhile, a new report exposing a potential career-ending conspiracy for at least a handful of additional staffers to manipulate the approval of, and then cover up the use of taxpayer money to fund Barry’s illicit affair could represent a significant risk of criminal legal jeopardy for the Mayor and her loyalists.


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8 Thoughts to “Mayor Megan Barry: I Don’t Plan on Resigning”

  1. Eric

    When will we get to see this interview?

  2. Eric

    How can we watch a 6pm newscast on Channel 2 when America’s Funniest Home Videos is on?? Who fouled up on this?

  3. Jane

    I’m curious. Who or what news organization was going to reveal this affair before Barry decided she had to get out in front of it and divulge it herself?

    1. Eric

      Phil Williams @ Channel 5.

  4. Floyd

    “At the moment, I fully believe that the TBI investigation will conclude that there were no taxpayer dollars that were misused.” And if it concludes otherwise what will you do??? Are you going to continue to squat as Mayor? Will you continue to tell us that we should love you, your socialist agenda and your pretend ethics? Stop acting like a doofus and resign you disreputable dunce.

  5. Eric

    She literally has no clue. Barry is in love with herself and think’s shes a beauty queen.

    Sorry Megan, you are NOT a beauty queen.

    Resign, NOW, skank!

  6. Kevin

    Well, then it’s up to us, the citizens, to first humiliate her, by voting down her ridiculous “transit” plan, then, to throw or vote her out of office!

    1. 83ragtop50

      You got that right.