George Soros-Funded Campaigns Divide America

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George Soros and his cronies in the media were certain Hillary Clinton was going to be president. They just knew their “socialist justice” movement here at home, and the undermining of the United States on the world stage that they were achieving under Barack Obama, would continue under another “President Clinton.”

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5 Thoughts to “George Soros-Funded Campaigns Divide America”

  1. Things fall apart.

    Clean-cut, moral Americans who were taught to hate Communism, be hard-working, be responsible, respect free speech, support religious freedom, defend gun rights, oppose warrantless searches, seizures, and torture must be in a state of shock to watch the USA become Socialist.

    The elites and the media are pushing wars, tyranny, debt, illegal immigrants, offshoring, moral decay, and Socialism.

    Americans pretend everything is fine and put their heads in the sand to ignore the obvious decline.

    One day Americans may wake up and wonder how bankers can commit fraud and be rewarded with billion dollar bailouts instead of being jailed. Americans may ask why they should obey the law when the government and illegal immigrants don’t. Why can the police kill unarmed Americans, the CIA can torture, officials can lie to Congress, IRS agents can target conservatives, and the EPA can pollute, but Americans can’t?

    Angry Americans might start resisting by lying on government forms, getting fake ID’s, failing to pay taxes, not buying insurance, not wearing seatbelts, not registering guns, not getting driver licenses, and smoking in public.

    The government will retaliate by increasing punishments with higher fines, longer sentences, and more draconian laws.

    Americans might push back with sniper attacks on police checkpoints and terrorism.

    As the economy dies due to debt and regulations, the elites will try to pump up the economy by nationalizing companies and outlawing private property and try to distract Americans by launching WWIII with North Korea, Iran, Russia, and China.

    Americans will eventually end up in the concentration camps.

    How many Americans will wish that they had spoken out against the police state earlier as they get pushed into the ovens?

    Americans deserve everything coming to them.

    How can Americans look in the mirror today without feeling shame and disgust?

    Those who do not learn from the mistakes of history are doomed to repeat them.

  2. Randall

    Soros is men’s room seepage.

  3. Scott McK

    Thoughts on the Stock Market Fall, FEB 2018:

    In SEP of 1992, George Soros broke the Bank of England when he used his Quantum fund to start a massive sell-off of British pounds.

    In OCT of 2017, George Soros transferred $18 BILLION of his own money into the account of his Open Society Foundation. This is a massive amount of money and there is no clear logic that jumps out as to the reason for this action.

    In all of Trump’s speeches lately, he has bragged on how well the U.S. economy is doing. He always mentions the number of new highs the DOW has set since he has been in office.
    Soros is completely dedicated to destroying Trump and his administration. Soros is against everything Trump stands for.

    In the last week, we have seen a very dramatic drop in the U.S. Stock Market.
    Considering the $18 BILLION transfer, and the skills Soros is know to have in manipulating large financial systems, and the desire Soros has to destroy Trump, is there any way Soros could be behind the huge drop in the market?

    Maybe I’m just paranoid but I’ve seen what corruption exists in the Liberal/Globalist neighborhood. They obviously will stop at nothing to destroy this country.
    Ten years ago, who would have ever thought the IRS, the FBI, the State Department, the Immigration Service would all be weaponized for the purpose of damaging our country?

    So, could Soros pull off such a scheme?

    While $18 Billion is a lot of money, it probably would not have a big impact on the market given the total amount that is traded each day. I agree with that.

    However, I have studied Soros’ methodology for several years now and one thing that comes through loud and clear is that Soros is not acting alone. There is a cartel which Soros plays a leading role, if not THE leading role.

    Here is how it could go down:
    Soros is committed to disrupting the culture, politics and society of the U.S. He is doing that by underwriting groups like Black Lives Matter, and Antifa. He is also involved in other divisive operations and includes others in his funding operations.

    If he decides Antifa should hold a disruptive string of events, he would put $20 Million toward the project. Then he calls the other members of the cartel and they all put in an amount that is usually larger than Soros’ seed money. Peter Lewis would kick in $50-70 million. The Ford Foundation, The Kellogg Foundation, The Marguerite Casey Foundation, Ben and Jerry’s Foundation, The Rockefeller Foundation and many other “progressive” groups would be glad to take part in the Soros plan. (In the case of disrupting the stock market, it would be almost a sure thing they would not lose any money and could possibly show a profit on the deal as we will see below.) These groups and others make up the “Soros Cartel”.

    So back to the major fall in the market in FEB 2018:

    All of the members of the Soros Cartel would buy stock in companies that make up the DJIA. These purchases of hundreds of Billions of dollars would be done over the time period from OCT to JAN. The purchases would be made in the names of the individual member groups or a designated individual. All purchases would be spread over the time interval so as to show a normal, healthy interest in the market. Remember, the market grew quite a bit from OCT to JAN so the early purchases would have increased in value. By mid JAN the cartel would have accumulated a very sizable share of the DJIA stocks and the purchases would appear innocent and normal.

    In early FEB, Soros would give the word for a sell and all members of the cartel would place a “market sell” order for everything they were holding. The timing would be critical. The orders would have to hit the market within a window of a few minutes. With hundreds of billions of dollars in sell orders suddenly hitting the market and all of the stocks from the DJIA, the Dow would take a nose dive. This would start a sell off panic on the market and the SP500 and the NASDAQ would also start to feel the panic. And the entire market would do exactly what it did on FEB 5. Since the cartel members would be first in-line with their sell orders, they would get close to top market price – they would get their initial investment back or maybe even make a small profit based on the OCT to JAN market growth.

    This is all speculation and I have no resources to investigate such a plot. But it could happen. And Soros is dead set on destroying this country in every way he can. (Remember, he is the guy that broke the Bank of England in ’92.) Attacking and damaging our country’s economic system would be a strong play in accomplishing his goals.

  4. Jim Forsythe

    If Soros’ fingerprints are on it, you know it is bad for America! He is evil and proud of it.

  5. Eric

    Soros is one of the most evil men in the world and is proud of it. He once bragged on 60 Minutes about how evil he is.

    Soros is also the major financial backer of the democrat/satan party.