Metro Nashville Begins Taxpayer Funded Propaganda Campaign in Favor of Transit Plan

Nashville Metro wants to tell you all about the light rail transit plan ahead of the May 1 referendum — and wants the taxpayers to pick up the tab.

The “Transit Talk” offers groups a speaker to answer any questions about “Let’s Move Nashville.” All you have to do is go to the city’s Let’s Move Nashville website, fill out a questionnaire with the time and date, and tell them how many attendees you expect, and the city will send a speaker.

“If you are a part of a Neighborhood Association or other group that meets regularly and would like to learn more about the proposal, please fill out the form below. We will be in touch to schedule your transit talk,” the Let’s Move Nashville says.

Erin Hafkenschiel, director of the Mayor’s Office of Transportation and Sustainability, said the talks will help voters make an informed vote at the polls, WKRN reports.

Even though Metro Council voted last week to publish a more accurate cost estimate of $9 billion on the May 1 ballot, the Let’s Move Nashville website, which aims to “educate” voters, continues to claim the transit system will cost $5.2 billion. It is not known if the speakers will disclose the total cost during their appearances.

In a promotional video on the Let’s Move Nashville website, Mayor Megan Barry says, “All of us who live in Nashville understand why so many others want to come to Nashville: our city has it all. Our economy is thriving.”

Perhaps Barry should check the plan’s proposed tax increases. The Let’s Move Nashville website glosses over various tax increases needed to pay for the plan, such as Nashville tying for the highest sales tax in the nation. Also, the city is experiencing a health insurance funding shortfall for retirees to the tune of nearly $3 billion

Watch Mayor Megan Barry’s promotional video:

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11 Thoughts to “Metro Nashville Begins Taxpayer Funded Propaganda Campaign in Favor of Transit Plan”

  1. […] General Hospital. The latter is the proposed $9 billion light rail transit plan (although if one asked the city, they might say the cost would be $5.2 […]

  2. Bill

    Seems that Megan “save a transit, ride a security guy” Barry sees a long term kick back possibly coming from this blood sucking or more appropriate, tax sucking endeavor that’s has little to no support from those who will have to bare the burden of some of the highest taxes in the nation. If we the people are whom you truly serve, let the people decide without your socialist propaganda of lies. You know, the propaganda meant to mislead the ones who depend on leaders to serve them and their best interest. I only hope that the people, if they do reject it, this city respects their wishes and abandons this transit joke.if not, then we will know that socialism is alive and well in Davidson Co. As far as George Soros goes, if it smells like a pig, and if it oinks like a pig, guess what…..

  3. Glenn Johnson

    Take it from some one in Milwaukee. This is a boondoggle. After 5 years the funding goes away and leaves remaining costs unfunded and unbugeted. They use already congested city streets. There ia no up side to this. Visitors do not use public transport.
    This where most cities cannot even turn a profit on their buses. Public officials are getting kickbacks from this..don’t be fooled. All you will get out of this is higher taxes.
    Glenn Johnson

  4. Kevin

    I guess the TN Star has made it. It’s got libs paying attention to it. CONGRATS!

    Yes, quality of life for certain Nash- villains, while the rest of us pay the bill! And “smart development”…for whom? The developers who have bought up the land along the train routes AND have funded this train wreck of a project and the Mayor’s campaign? Don’t believe me, go to a “transit” meeting and support the idea BUT along a different “corridor”. Watch how fast you are shown the door and your idea is swept under the rug!

    Let the games begin.

  5. Dan Meredith

    Elon… no thank you. I’m not that gullible that you or anyone else can convince me that taking a persons stuff by FORCE and giving it to others, gives that first person a better quality of life. Tell that to the guy waving his crutches at the SOTU.

  6. Elon

    This transit plan is not about Mayor Barry, it is about a better quality of life and smart development for Nashvillians.

    1. lb

      No it is all about megan and her terrible judgement. She is an admitted “progressive” and loves any and/ all projects that are big money suckers at the expense of we regular taxpayers. All her glossy projects are in one geographic hipster area that dominates her focus. She is the ultimate hypocritical phony who is incapable of thinking something as complex as transit thru so she relied on paid “consultants” to push a plan she saw in Seattle. Nashville ISNT Seattle and never will be–thank goodness.
      If this boondoggle passes, it will NEVER work, wont be available in its final form for a DECADE and will result in Nashville Metro Taxpayers–MOST of whom dont live anywhere near this joke of a project will pay for it–FOREVER. If you want a true point of reference: take the Music City Star–barely, rarely ridden and costs millions of $ to supplement yearly–who pays for that? WE do and it isnt even usable for people who live in the city.
      This mayoress needs to go–not only because she is dumb as a rock, she is a corrupt, crooked, hypocritical adulterating homewrecker

      1. Bettyc

        Amen to those words!!

    2. Papa

      You need to look around and learn! The Music City Star went in service Sept 2006 and still loosing $1.3M annually($9,000) daily. Enough money to purchase every rider a new Prius every two years. And guess who bailed it out, not Nashville but ALL Tennessee tax payers.
      Only a handful of America’s 1,800-plus mass transit operations (metro trains as well as buses and other modes) generated more fare revenue in 2013 than they paid in costs. (Citylab)

    3. BettyC

      Yeah and you trust her and she is a cheater and you believe in her how dumb is that!!

  7. Eric

    George Soros is funding the pro transit campaign. And Barry and her minions have the nerve to whine about the Koch brothers funding the opposition?