Nashville Mayor Megan Barry a ‘Broken Record’ with Non-Answers about Lover’s Daughter’s Job as City Attorney

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WSMV reporter Alanna Autler caught up with embattled Mayor Megan Barry to ask several questions regarding the creation of a single job in the Metro Nashville Legal Department that was summarily filled by Macy Amos Forrest, the adult daughter of Mayor Barry’s paramour and erstwhile security chief, Rob Forrest.

Autler asks Barry a straightforward question about the unusual hire, and instead of a direct response, the Mayor replied with a non-answer that Forrest’s daughter, “was qualified,” for the job, and that there were “lots of people who stepped forward and said she should have this job, and I was happy to lend my voice.”

WSMV edited the video of the interview for the news broadcast into what is essentially a ‘highlights’ reel of the most scintillating parts of the interview. However, in a separate post, the station published the entire transcript of the encounter between Barry and Autler.

The video version does a good job of showing Barry’s clearly rehearsed non-answers to the young journalist’s questions. But when the segment is compared to the unedited video and full transcript, the extent of the Mayor’s stonewalling behavior is laid bare.

Part Two – The Hiring of Rob Forrest’s Daughter, Macy Amos Forrest

(‘highlight’ quotes included in the video are in bold)

Autler: Do you feel it was inappropriate to recommend Sgt. Forrest’s daughter for the job for Metro Legal, effectively creating the position?

Barry: The young woman who you were talking about was fully qualified to do this job. She had worked in Metro, she had interned in Metro, and I think it’s really unfair that there is anything being said about her. She was absolutely qualified for this job and she got it because of her qualifications.

Autler: Did Sgt. Forrest ask you to talk to John Cooper with Metro Legal about this position?

Barry: She was fully qualified. There were lots of people who stepped forward and said she should have this job, and I was happy to lend my voice.

Autler: So you can’t tell us if you had any conversations with Sgt. Forrest about this position?

Barry: I was happy to lend my voice, along with many, many other people who wanted her to be considered for this position, but she got her job because she got her job because she was qualified.

(continued)[LINK to 3rd HIT]

The video below depicts the edited version of the interview:



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