Nashville Mayor Megan Barry Was Scheduled to Travel With Lover Rob Forrest to Attend the Grammy Awards in New York

After repeated denials that taxpayer money was used to fund and then cover up the years-long affair between Nashville Mayor Megan Barry and her security chief, Rob Forrest, WMSV reported that newly released documents the show the illicit couple was set to travel to New York together in order to attend the Grammy Awards on January 26.

“Within the last two hours, we obtained more records from City Hall,” reporter Allana Autler began:

We’ve just learned that there was another trip scheduled for the Mayor and her bodyguard for January 26 – just a few weeks ago.

It was for Barry to attend the Grammy Awards in New York.

Records show the trip was approved on January 10th.

The Mayor’s spokesman says he can’t say when in January it was cancelled. But he did say she changed her plans and came home instead.

We now know that’s the weekend before news of the affair broke.

This new bombshell revelation appears at the end of the video embedded below, which contains a two-and-a-half minute report of an one-on-one interview by Aulter of Barry regarding a number troubling details surrounding the affair between the Mayor and her security chief, and the potential misuse of taxpayer money.

The video condenses Aulter’s interview into what is essentially a ‘highlights’ reel of the most scintillating parts of the interview. However, in a separate post, the station published the entire video and transcript of the encounter between Barry and Autler.


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9 Thoughts to “Nashville Mayor Megan Barry Was Scheduled to Travel With Lover Rob Forrest to Attend the Grammy Awards in New York”

  1. Eric

    Thank you Tennessee Star for giving us the whole story about this woman. We can’t get it from the Plazas Tennessean.

  2. MommaJoy

    Do all mayors of metropolitan cities go to the Grammys on taxpayer dollars?! This seems like an outrage. The article said the travel was approved, where we paying for this trip!?!? NO mayor, cheater or not, needs to go to the Grammys by the sweat of the taxpayers hard earned dollars.

  3. Random

    Haven’t really been paying attention to this until I heard about the Grammy trip. Saw this interview. She really comes across as smug. Her true non-public colors were coming out.

  4. Meanwhile Nashville’s streets are full of potholes.

  5. Mary Mary

    Megan Barry is a VILE nasty woman. She should be checked for STD’s.

  6. John J.

    From “The Bodyguard”, funny! You can’t make this stuff up. Maybe next she’ll want to go to the Emmy’s, when the made-for-TV movie, “Trashville”, starring Hillary Skank, receives the award! Or, maybe the Academy Awards, where the movie, “Light Rail Named Desire” is up for an Oscar.

    btw – TN Star, great job crafting the photo! It brings the story to life. You deserve an award!

  7. Sarah R

    The most interesting thing about that song is that it was written by Dolly Parton. #truestory

    1. Vernon Cox

      Who ran a whorehouse in the movie she sang it in. You can’t make this up

  8. Wolf Woman

    Since you couldn’t make the Grammy Awards this year Megan, here’s a Grammy award winning song, just for you.