OFF THE RECORD: Mayor Barry to Lover’s Father-in-Law – Can You Guess My Secret?

Hubris alert! No shame! Too big to fall!

If it isn’t bad enough that Mayor Moonbeam Barry is using our money to travel out-of-town and overseas to consummate her trysts with bodyguard Sgt. Robert Forrest, she visited, hugged and smiled with Sgt. Forrest’s father-in-law–at least according to what one Tennessee Star reader says is a now deleted October 2017 Facebook post–while he was sick in the hospital during the time she was having her affair with the husband of the guy’s daughter!!!!

To maintain privacy, OFF THE RECORD has obscured the patient’s identity and first names in these now-deleted Facebook photos

The mayor might have been motivated by concern and kindness, but, considering the circumstances, the brazenness of the mayor in her visit does seem a tad on the tacky side. But perhaps her visit is only a reflection of how Barry perceives her job and power as mayor. She has a sign in her office that says, “Power is about waking up every day and making a difference in someone else’s life.”

Or “lives” perhaps in light of the mayor’s recent two years of committing adultery.

A reader sent us the NOW DELETED pictures from Sgt. Forrest’s mother-in-law’s Facebook page of the mayor’s hospital visit with Sgt. Forrest’s father-in-law. The pictures with the mayor, “a special visitor,” were posted on October 14, 2017 and shared with:

  • Sgt. Forrest’s daughter, whom Mayor Barry recommended for a newly created position in Metro’s legal department
  • Sgt. Forrest’s wife
  • Two sisters of Sgt. Forrest’s wife

We’ve asked the Mayor’s office to confirm or deny the accuracy of this deleted Facebook post, but we have not yet heard back from them.

One of Sgt. Forrest’s wife’s sisters wrote this about the mayor’s surprise visit – “How compassionate and sweet. No doubt, He is one of her biggest fans ♥” (Note not sure if “He” refers to Sgt. Forrest or his father-in-law; we’re guessing she meant the father-in-law, but either one works!)

Another friend of Sgt. Forrest’s wife wrote – “How awesome for her to come visit him!”

The mayor’s compassion knows no bounds.

Fresh off a trip alone to Athens, Greece less than a month earlier with the husband of this man’s daughter–you know, the Metro Nashville police officer who served as her bodyguard and was her lover in a two year long extramarital affair–Mayor Barry took the time out of her busy schedule to visit him in the hospital.

Just four days later, the ever thoughtful and “compassionate” mayor flew off to D.C. for a quickie overnight – alone with Sgt. Forrest. While she was “on the clock” that is, when she was not busy consummating her affair with Sgt. Forrest, she gave a speech about “Women Leading the Nation.”

The D.C. quickie only cost taxpayers a mere $1,325.92.

And nine days after this hospital visit, this man’s son-in-law and Mayor Barry jetted off to Paris, France for a little more time together.

Two days ago, The Star told Sean Braisted, Mayor Barry’s director of communications, that a copy of the NOW DELETED Facebook post was in hand and asked him simply:

Can you confirm or deny that Mayor Barry visited Sgt. Forrest’s father-in-law (name omitted here for privacy but included in Sean’s email), in (name of hospital omitted here for privacy but included in Sean’s email) on or around October 14, 2017?

Crickets. But you know, especially in this case, a picture really is worth a thousand words!

(Editors note: Sadly, Sgt. Forrest’s father-in-law died in November 2017.)

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10 Thoughts to “OFF THE RECORD: Mayor Barry to Lover’s Father-in-Law – Can You Guess My Secret?”

  1. Alexandria Adams

    If Megan Barry really cared about our city, she would resign, and not prolong this embarrassment. We really need to stop the madness and call for the resignation of her ex-lovers daughter while we are at it. Are we really so stupid to think that she was not “recommended” for the job with Metro because of who the person that recommended her was sleeping with? Megan Barry is definitely not my mayor. This just proves that judgement in one’s personal life mirrors the judgement that they make in their professional life.

  2. JamesO

    Not only did she visit him in the hospital, but she also attended the man’s funeral and was seen hugging her lover’s grieving wife, and family. It’s also no secret that she was a guest at her lover’s daughter’s wedding as well. She is a true sicko and weird stalker type of the wife.

  3. Not My Mayor

    What! No flowers?

  4. Brian McMurphy

    She broke through the glass ceiling and the glass mattress.

    Does a city with two house-flipping programs really need another homewrecker?

  5. lb

    I think the term BRAZEN HUSSY is appropriate here–his WIFE was present? Good grief is she a piece of work!

  6. Floyd

    I wish this phony trollop would hurry up and resign and stop sullying the reputations of those not complicit to her chicanery. Everyone is getting tired of looking at that plastic grin and trademark backstabber smile.

  7. Wolf Woman

    It takes a lot to shock me but gosh golly, this does take the cake. Mayor Moonbeam is shameless. What kind of person has the chutzpah, the sheer nerve to go see the father of your lover’s wife?

    We know that she doesn’t care if the folks forgive her or not. I just hope she realizes that the folks aren’t stupid and see through her shenanigans. And we’re not amused.

  8. Scott Smith

    Why is she still in office. She needs to be booted out. If it were a male who had done this he would have been shamed to death and removed. Or do the readers just want to keep reading the juicy details. I’m done with her corruption and her false put on like she hadn’t done nothing wrong. She has set women’s lib back 20 years. Also proves women in power are just as corrupted.

  9. Brian McMurphy

    The current Mayor’s Twitter feed is also an unintentional source of hilarity and insight.

    She’s so busy. Visiting black churches, black leaders, TSU, promoting MDHA.

    I don’t quilt but I’m sensing a pattern. She even has a post from Feb. 7 extolling the virtues of doing yoga to keep her mind and body in harmony due to her extremely busy schedule.

    It wasn’t yoga keeping your body tuned up, Mayor. In fact, the only thing that isn’t being done on her schedule is her husband who appears to have entered the witness relocation program.