OFF THE RECORD: Mayor Megan Barry – Admitting to the Affair Doesn’t Take Her Out of the Glass House

Dripping with the arrogance of a moralizing former ethics-compliance-officer–turned-Metro-Council-member-at-large-looking-to-become-mayor, which is what the politically ambitious Megan Barry was in 2014, she issued her assessment of Judge Casey Moreland’s credibility to continue in his role as a judge:

[he] has the right to articulate his own version of events and to defend his actions, but unless he can do so far more persuasively than what we have heard to this point, he should resign.

Now that’s a prescient statement by Megan Barry if there ever was one!

And in 2017, as Mayor, she didn’t let up on her criticism of the judge who among other matters involving public corruption and abuse of his office, had been accused of having sex with women who could benefit from a reduced sentence:

I think you always want to be concerned about when people are in power in making sure that they don’t abuse that power.

Amazingly, the Mayor made this statement while actively engaged in her own affair with a subordinate Metro employee and shortly after returning to Nashville from a publicly financed out-of-town overnighter with her security detail lover.

Suggestions have been made that the Mayor and her bodyguard’s publicly financed travel for trysts helped up his overtime such that his oh so convenient retirement effective the same day the Mayor confessed to her “mistake,” aka, two years of adultery, secured her lover an annual pension benefit of $80,000. All that “overtime” was also reported to make him the second highest paid cop in the Metro police department.

The now retired Metro police officer who says he never violated his oath of office or the public trust, has the gall to say his privacy rights bar asking him any questions about his side of the adultery.

Also very convenient. Also a good way to avoid the Mayor getting caught making even more conflicting statements about this mess. But with the affair over for now, the Mayor might have more free time to consider her own advice that she so freely offered up to Judge Moreland.




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5 Thoughts to “OFF THE RECORD: Mayor Megan Barry – Admitting to the Affair Doesn’t Take Her Out of the Glass House”

  1. Kevin

    Yeah, and now there’s a special committee picked from the Mayor’s band of merry men to investigate her. Does anybody really think that they will truly investigate her? Let alone find her guilty? They can’t! They are complicit at best. The Mayor probably has already called each of them and threatened them with reprisals. They all have “skeletons” in their closets!

  2. Gregg

    While Mayor Barry is toiling today over which one of her men is going to be her Valentine, I’m wondering how much this multifaceted investigation is going to cost the taxpayers. Countless hours spent investigating by so many people, has to have a huge price tag. Travel expenses for the adulterers and overtime pay for the undercover work performed by police Sgt Forrest are just a drop in the bucket compared to what the total cost is going to be. All because Mayor Barry couldn’t keep her stretched out panties on. Very expensive “mistake” for the public.

  3. Albert Moore

    Time for this hypocrite to resign and face the prosecution music. She has violated the public’s trust, violated her own Executive Order and rules, broken City and state laws regarding misuse of taxpayer money and stolen from the people of Nashville. There is no excuse for your reprehensible misconduct Megan Barry. Time to leave!

  4. Eric

    What a low life hypocrite. Skank!

  5. Wolf Woman

    Good luck if you think this woman will ponder the advice she gave to someone else. Ethics and moral conduct are for us little people, “for thee, but not for me” is her motto.