China Anti-Ballistic Missile Test Successful

Like a hypersonic bullet hitting another hypersonic bullet. A Hit! On February 5, during the Chinese midcourse ABM test, the interceptor hit the target missile in space. Pictured here: the exhaust plumes from the DN-3 rocket motor, suspended in the stratosphere for a spectacular show in the morning light.

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One Thought to “China Anti-Ballistic Missile Test Successful”

  1. Kevin

    Does anybody think it odd that a few years after we develop something, the Chinese and or the Russians have it too, AND it looks very similar to our hardware? We spent over a trillion dollars developing the F-35 advanced stealth fighter and a few years later China has it’s J-31 that looks just like our F-35. Now this….

    I don’t think any of us know and fully understand how badly Obama hurt our country. How many Americans will die, in the next war because our enemies have our technology? Thank God for President Trump! Hopefully he can undo some of the damage.