OFF THE RECORD: Mayor Megan Barry – Incapable of Shame Until She Got Caught…

According to a Tennessee Star commenter earlier this week, while Nashville Mayor Megan Barry and her bodyguard, Sgt. Rob Forrest, were still taking luxury trips abroad and quickie overnights stateside, not only did the thoughtful Mayor make a surprise visit to Sgt. Forrest’s father-in-law in the hospital, but she also attended his funeral nine days later, and get this, hugged Sgt. Forrest’s grieving wife. And being one of the family in a twisted sort of way, the Mayor attended Sgt. Forrest’s daughter’s wedding:

Not only did she visit him in the hospital, but she also attended the man’s funeral and was seen hugging her lover’s grieving wife, and family. It’s also no secret that she was a guest at her lover’s daughter’s wedding as well.

During her public confession, the Mayor let slip that the two-year long affair with Sgt. Forrest that she had worked so hard to conceal, became known somehow to their respective spouses – “Barry said the relationship was discovered during conversations between their spouses and private discussions.”

Between getting caught by the jilted spouses and getting counseled by reporter Phil Williams who disclosed that he had an “incredible” source, the Mayor was left with no option but to admit to the affair if she was going to have any future as a politician – however damaged.

With her makeup and lipstick on, hair in place, she staged a public confession to her two-yearlong “mistake” of sleeping with her policeman bodyguard and lying to everyone around her.

It wasn’t lost on anyone that the timing of her lover’s resignation “retirement” notice to Police Chief Anderson became effective on January 31, 2018, the same day the Mayor begged for a public flogging in hopes that it would show everyone just how sincerely sorry she was for getting caught in the act.

Or maybe it was really meant to help deflect attention away from the fact that the timing of Sgt. Forrest’s “retirement” was engineered to preserve his $80,000 a year pension earned in part, for taking tryst trips with the Mayor. After all, the couple did sacrifice a planned January 26, 2018, trip to the Grammy Awards.

Since the Mayor’s two year adultery “mistake” was outed, the Mayor’s $5.3 billion dollar price tag for her transit plan, a key item for her political resume, has come under even greater scrutiny. Enough Metro Nashville Council members voted to add the missing transparency from the messaging about the plan that Mayor Barry has resisted.

Admitting to a likely $9+ billion dollar cost for the transit plan (assuming no cost overruns) is not likely to convince voters in May that they just have to have it just like the Mayor finally admitting that for two years she had been deceiving friends and family about what she was really doing with Sgt. Forrest.

Moral of the story: a Mayor whose proven she can’t be trusted with another woman’s husband, is even less likely to be trusted with other people’s money.




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11 Thoughts to “OFF THE RECORD: Mayor Megan Barry – Incapable of Shame Until She Got Caught…”

  1. Steve M

    While this is highly entertaining stuff, it’s at the expense of the credibility of our great City. You talk about doing right by this city? Do right and step down.

  2. EDTruth

    Listen to adulterers judging others who have done exactly what they have done. Until you ignorant people stand up with the same vigor against the POTUS I will have nothing to do with your lying self righteousness.

    1. Olivia M.

      Dear EDTruth, I’ll speak for myself and say I am not and never have been an adulterer. Personal choice. I’m good with it. But I want to ask you, since Megan Barry has spoke out against POTUS, with vigor, attending the protest marches and more, does that mean you WILL have something more then “nothing” to do with Meg’s “lying self righteousness”? Your words, just trying to understand where you draw your lines.

  3. Kevin

    The Mayor’s affair had nothing to do about love, it was all about her exerting power over males.  One of the moves that a real investigator should do is offer amnesty for anybody would would come forward. But this would imply that they want to find the truth! 

  4. Matt Stephens

    Soon to be Former Mayor Megan Barry only came forward because she was about to exposed by her Lover’s wife. The Lover’s wife caught onto to what was going on, then she took the right measures to get the evidence. As soon as she had the evidence, Megan Barry went to the press. She seems honest now because she is trying to make the best of a bad situation. I feel Nashville deserves a leader who is stable in his or her personal relationships. This new mayor person can focus on the real problems of Nashville. The transit proposal will fail just as our faith in Megan’s ability to make good decisions for Nashville has failed. Megan, please resign, stop drawing this out. Did anyone notice during her press conference when ask when did she tell her Lover it was over, she did not respond appropriately. She just kept saying with an irritated demeanor, “It’s over.” Really, did you even get to speak to him after his wife called you? Is he going to leave his wife for you? Is it over in your heart? Doubt it. We will all have to standby while her Lover’s marriage falls apart, then Megan and her Lover can retire to Pigeon Forge or somewhere quiet. An affair is 3-6 months, what Megan had was a full relationship that lasted 2 years. Please resign and save Nashville the cost of well getting you out.

  5. Albert Moore

    This situation is getting ridiculous. Everyday more bad information comes to light about Barry’s affair and how she fleeced the citizens of Nashville while carrying on her affair with the bodyguard. And yet, while reciting scripted excuses and asking for the public’s forgiveness it is obvious she has no remorse and is only trying to save her job and stay out of jail. I just hope nobody falls for her sick act and that she is swiftly ousted and prosecuted for her wrongful misconduct.

  6. Jessie DiConti

    Mayor Barry,

    How often I saw you laughing with your lover in the presence of his wife, while she unsuspectingly laughed right along with you. There is a word that comes to mind for individuals like you who lack conscience – sociopath or maybe narcissist.
    What kind of Mayor carries out a lie for 2 years, is disloyal, and takes advantage of the people she represents misappropriating funds, and then begins gaslighting Davidson County, minimizing what she did by comparing her affair with our current president who is NOT even having an affair.
    Neither of you deserve to retire or resign. You should have both been fired. While on your vacations, I’m sure you were laughing at Nashville, for having gotten away with spending our money on fancy hotel rooms expensive dinners and champagne. We are not stupid.

    1. gene

      55% of the voters are.

  7. Judi Ballard

    She has to go. It appears one of the investigating bodies is going to have to send her packing. She is so sad. Glad she’s got that extra padding when she lands outside the court house on that fat behind. She’s freaking unbelievable. Is she some how related to the Clintons

  8. Papa

    I’m yet to see any sign of shame or remorse, only scripted play acting. Right out of Slick Willie’s hand book! I’m curious, who outed them?

  9. Wolf Woman

    Mayor Moonbeam is going quickly from the “shameless” to the “shameless hussy” category. Keep it up, darling, and you’ll make the National Enquirer.