Sessions: Senate Amnesty Bill is ‘Mad Rush of Illegality’

Tennessee Star

The immigration grand bargain the Senate will vote on as early as Thursday afternoon would “invite a mad rush of illegality,” Attorney General Jeff Sessions said Thursday. Mr. Sessions said the deal would grant a future amnesty for illegal immigrants who haven’t even arrived in the U.S. yet, so those who can get into the countryby June “can’t be deported.” 

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One Thought to “Sessions: Senate Amnesty Bill is ‘Mad Rush of Illegality’”

  1. Donna Locke

    Most of the senators, including our two, are total fools.

    I wrote an immigration-enforcement, anti-amnesty op-ed for The Tennessean last year, and David Plazas censored it out and ran not a single immigration-enforcement, anti-amnesty op-ed while bombarding us with his own agenda of tidal-wave illegal and legal immigration—expressed in many editorials and op-eds supporting DACA, “Dreamers,” amnesty, etc. After giving up on an op-ed, last month I sent a letter to the editor at The Tennessean in opposition to DACA, etc., and it hasn’t been published either. The Tennessean’s reporting has the same absence of balance and fairness.

    I am a longtime immigration-control advocate and have written a lot over the years from this perspective and have been published in a number of newspapers, including The Tennessean.

    I told Plazas a couple of weeks ago that the paper should run at least one (!) opposing view on this if they are to continue their farce as “journalists.” Well, there hasn’t been one.

    I just can’t help but laugh at this point, although the lack of true journalism is sad and disastrous for our country. Most of this country’s newspapers are a joke now. I am sorry for the young generations that this is all they have known.

    For the record.