Ted Cruz: Republicans Moving to the Left of Obama on Immigration, Will Lose Majority

Sen. Ted Cruz said Thursday that if Republicans pass an immigration plan that allows citizenship they will lose the majority in Congress this November. “Mark my words, if Republican majorities in Congress pass citizenship for millions of people, do amnesty, I think it is quite likely we will lose both houses of Congress,” Mr. Cruz said.

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5 Thoughts to “Ted Cruz: Republicans Moving to the Left of Obama on Immigration, Will Lose Majority”

  1. Ruth Wilson

    I agree, 83ragtop50, get rid of this RINO Senator from Kentucky. They have a good Governor in Bevins, he has stated the case to save the Kentucky schools just a few day before this last situation happened in Florida on Wednesday. Governor Bevins said Put Prayer, Bible Reading and The Ten Commandments back in Kentucky public schools. The Wicked 1963 Supreme Court Opinion given to athist O’Hare, to take Prayer, Bible Reading and the Ten Commandments from American public schools and Civic forums is the cause of all of this wickedness.
    GUNS are NOT the problem. Rejecting God Almighty is the problem. Why don’t the smart alecks of America site the 1892 Supreme Court Opinion given after much research into our Good, Godly American Heritage. We all know the wicked hate our Glorious Bill of Rights.
    God Save America, Land that I love.
    For God & Country

  2. Donna Locke

    I think a lot of sane Americans just won’t bother to vote anymore. We get the same thing no matter what. Trump was a last-ditch effort for many, but Cruz would have been the better choice.

  3. Brian McMurphy

    So if McConnell endorses Blackburn, how is that a good thing for her?

    1. Stuart I. Anderson

      Marsha is by far the most conservative choice, she’s about 20% more conservative than Corker on the Heritage scorecard, and McConnell’s endorsement at least dissuades centrist/tepid conservative Republicans from making things too difficult for her in the primary. Finally, it may open the door to big establishment bucks when she runs against Bredesen in the general election.

  4. 83ragtop50

    Senator Cruz is correct. The McConnell led Senate is a disaster for conservatives. Why on earth is he still in the Senate much less in a leadership role? Come on Kentucky – get rid of that guy.