‘We Love Our Mayor’ Billboards Taken Down After Buyer Refuses to Disclose Identity


Three digital billboards along Nashville’s I-24 near downtown reading simply, “We love our mayor” were quietly removed from rotation Friday, February 2 after the buyer refused to disclose their identity. The billboards appeared one day after embattled Mayor Megan Barry admitted to her years-long affair with SGT Rob Forrest, her bodyguard.

Outfront Media’s senior director of communications, Carly Zipp, told The Tennessean that the reason for their removal was due to a lack of “proper attribution,” which Tennessee Law – and company policy – require for political advertisements:

Zipp said the agency that facilitated the billboard purchase was San Francisco-based SF Media Communications Inc. But she said the media company did not disclose their client.

Zipp did not comment when asked how Outfront Media became aware of the problem or why the billboard was allowed to go up in the first place.

SF Media Consultants has a history working in the music industry, one of Nashville’s staple brands. According to its website, the firm has done advertising for Big Machine Records, Capitol Records, EMI, and Universal Music Group as well as big-name artists such as Taylor Swift, Garth Brooks, Lady Antebellum and Florida Georgia Line.

Lauren Anderson, senior vice president for SF Media Consultants, did not return a message seeking comment.

The paper reached out the Mayor’s spokesman, Sean Braisted, who said that they did not know who paid for the advertisements, and denied that ‘Friends for Megan Barry’ – the Mayor’s campaign committee – was behind it.  The Tennessean also checked with the Treasurer of ‘Women for Tennessee’s Future,’ a pro-Barry PAC, who likewise denied paying for the billboards.


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7 Thoughts to “‘We Love Our Mayor’ Billboards Taken Down After Buyer Refuses to Disclose Identity”

  1. Mary

    Megan and Bruce bought and paid for the signs!

  2. Not My Mayor

    “We Love Our Hard Earned Tax Dollars”

  3. Papa

    Moonbeam did a lot of planning and rehearsing before admitting she’s a slut. I put nothing past her and her minions.

  4. Floyd

    Barry was behind this. She’s really stupid and thought everyone would fall back in love with here over two signs.

  5. 83ragtop50

    Could it be that SGT Rob Forrest used some of that overtime money for these billboards? Just wondering?

  6. Eric

    George Soros or Tom Steyer.

  7. Brian McMurphy

    She’s the moped mayor. They like loving her in private but don’t want their friends to see them doung it in public.

    Please keep pressing this issue because this is a coverup of a campaign finance violation.

    Why hire a media consulting company from San Fran to put up a four word black and white billboard? They wanted a firewall and still got the message out before Outfront decided to enforce their own policy.

    Anyone can buy bulletin board space. My initial bet was it was Barry’s people because it reeks of a too clever by half, hamfisted approach to manipulate and galvanize public opinion by some small ball local politico.

    Any local liberal music personality would have no problem putting their name on it.

    Or, it’s from one of these transit groups gearing up for their Lie Our Way To May strategy realizing that the millions spent on bribes in their effort to rape the taxpayers with their $10B boondoggle is in jeopardy because their public butterface can’t keep her pantsuit on.