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3 Thoughts to “Ohio’s Governor Kasich Calls for Congress to ‘Wake Up’ After Shooting”

  1. Brian McMurphy

    Kasich didn’t even get 1% of the primary vote.

    He’s the Cleveland Browns of presidential candidates and thinks he gets to go first in the draft next time.

    It must suck to be the Bob Corker of Ohio.

  2. 83ragtop50

    Kasich is an idiot. All he is doing is attempting to remain relevant by getting his name in the news. When are the citizens of Ohio going to come to their senses and replace him?

  3. Papa

    I would like to know one new gun law that would have prevented the Parkland shooting, other than to start banning guns. Whatever the law might be, I agree with Kasick, it would take Congress years to pass it anyway.
    Look at the facts. Laws are already in place that “should” have prevented the incident only had they been used. 36 911 calls to the Cruz home with no arrest/no record. Although Cruz was harming himself and animals, the state of FL found no reason to pursue the matter. He was plainly incompetent to purchase or own a weapon but law enforcement tools were not used.
    As a veteran, if I had ever been in counseling for PDSD or anything, it would be placed in my permanent file and most likely would prevent me from purchasing guns. If a person is arrested, his finger prints are put into a national data base known as IAFIS. Cruz should have been on the list with a PROFILE!
    Had proper follow up and PROFILING been used this shooting could have been prevented. Yes, I said profiling! But that’s a whole ‘nother story.