WKRN: ‘Report States Looney Then Grabbed the Teen by Her Arm and Pulled Her from a Chair Before Escorting Her to His Personal Vehicle’

UPDATE (1:25 p.m):

The Tennessee Star has obtained a photo of what it believes to be the original affidavit of complaint in the case of the State of Tennessee vs. Dr. Mike Looney, which can be seen below:

Affidavit of Complaint. State of Tennessee vs. Dr Mike Looney












12:30 p.m.

Late Thursday morning, WKRN reported that, according to an affidavit, Williamson County Schools Superintendent Mike Looney, who was arrested Wednesday on assault charges as a result of this incident, “grabbed” a female high school student experiencing a psychological emergency at Franklin High School on Tuesday “by her arm and pulled her from a chair before escorting her to his personal vehicle.”

“According to an affidavit, the teen’s mother requested her daughter be taken to the hospital. At some point, according to the report, Looney placed himself between an officer and the student and said the teen would be taken to his office,” WKRN reported, adding:

Dr. Looney reportedly told the student he would not have a scene at school and told her to stop crying. The report states Looney then grabbed the teen by her arm and pulled her from a chair before escorting her to his personal vehicle.

The teen’s mother objected and the report said she was clear that she did not consent to her child going anywhere but to a hospital by ambulance.

Two Franklin officers removed the teen from Looney’s vehicle. The affidavit said the superintendent attempted to intervene and attempted to direct the officers in their actions and that Looney was “aggressive in his actions” toward the student’s mom and “encroached on her personal space,” which caused the mother to “feel fearful of her safety.”

According to the Franklin Police Department, the assault charges against Looney are still pending. A trial date of March 8 has been set.

“In a statement, WCS Director of Communications Carol Birdsong said Looney disputes the charge but surrendered so the necessary paperwork could be completed,” Patch.com reported:

“This misdemeanor charge apparently stems from an incident which took place Tuesday at Franklin High School while he and others were assisting a student in crisis,” Birdsong wrote in a statement.

“There were multiple witnesses on hand who dispute this accusation of simple assault, and we believe this charge is without merit and will not stand.”

On Thursday, WCS Board member Richard Wimberly posted this on his WCS Board member Facebook page:

The Tennessee Star asked Wimberly if he was an eyewitness to Tuesday’s incident, and if not, how he came to be “well aware of what happened.”

In addition, The Star asked Wimberly to confirm or deny that it is the policy of the WCS School Board that if any employee is arrested they are immediately placed on administrative leave.

Wimberly has not responded to our request for comment.

Williamson County Schools Director of Communications Carol Birdsong has not responded to multiple requests for comment from The Star concerning Looney’s arrest on Wednesday.

The growing list of questions include the following:

1. Who at Franklin High School notified Looney of the psychological incident with a female student at Franklin High School?
2. Why did he immediately show up at Franklin High School?
3. Why did he intervene?
4. Why did he drag this girl out of the conference room to his personal vehicle?
5. What is Dr. Looney’s relationship with this girl?
6. Does Dr. Looney’s employment contract have a criminal convictions clause?
7. Will Dr. Looney be placed on administrative leave until the charges are resolved?

In addition, The Star has requested a copy of the security video footage shot at Franklin High School of the incident on Tuesday.

The Star also asked the Franklin Police Department if the officers at the scene on Tuesday were wearing body cams. The Tennessean reported last year that body cam deployment is increasingly prevalent among Franklin Police Department officers.

Back in 2006, when he was Superintendent of Schools in Butler County, Indiana, Looney placed an elementary school teacher in the system on administrative leave because the teacher “had violated school board policy as it pertains to disciplining a student,” the Andalusia News (Indiana) reported, adding:

A W.O. Parmer teacher has been placed on administrative leave, according to Superintendent Mike Looney.

Looney said he received a report on Wednesday from W.O. Parmer principal Carol Teague that Quana Scott, a second-grade teacher at the school, had violated school board policy as it pertains to disciplining a student.

At that point he made the decision to place Scott on administrative leave.

Looney was named Williamson County Schools Superintendent in 2009, three years later.




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  1. Mamiexpress

    Tennessee Star Staff, thank you ever so for you post.Much thanks again.

  2. lb

    Looney seems just that–loony! BUT they loved him so much they gave him a lot of money to not take the Metro Nashville job. Looks like a very bad fiscal decision today to me. Is there a buyout clause if your Superintendent is found guilty of assaulting a student? I would be raising cain if I had a child in this system and he was allowed to be charged and not be suspended. First our arrogant mayoress, now this guy? What is with these modern day politicians and their amazing hubris?