Newspaper: Tennessee Comptroller Joins Mayor Megan Barry Investigation

State auditors are investigating Nashville Mayor Megan Barry’s affair with her chief bodyguard, a media outlet reports.

The Tennessee Comptroller of the Treasury is working with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation on looking into Barry’s and Sgt. Rob Forrest’s affair, according to a story published by The Tennessean. The newspaper did not disclose its sources. The office investigates potential instances of misconduct by public officials and government bodies.

If true, the comptroller’s involvement would make it at least the fourth government agency to investigate the years-long affair, the newspaper reports. One other investigating agency includes a special Metro Council committee, the likes of which has not been seen since 1974 during a land rezoning bribery scandal involving former council members.

Comptroller’s office spokesman John Dunn told The Tennessean “alleged or suspected misuse of public dollars is something that the Comptroller’s office has the authority to investigate” but did not give additional comment.

Barry’s lawyer, Jerry Martin, has asked that District Attorney Glenn Funk recuse himself from the investigation, citing an alleged conflict of interest.

In other news, NewsChannel 5 reported that a white SUV Forrest used to drive Barry around made numerous early morning visits to Nashville City Cemetery. The station found video footage from nearby businesses showing the vehicle coming to and going from the cemetery on at least six dates.

A spokesman for the mayor said she found the cemetery a “peaceful place to start her day” and nothing inappropriate happened there.

Every visit that NewsChannel 5 documented happened while Forrest was on duty, the station said.

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6 Thoughts to “Newspaper: Tennessee Comptroller Joins Mayor Megan Barry Investigation”

  1. Glenda Rhea

    If i could be there I would, I have to work

  2. Floyd

    How dare he investigate Megan The Great. She and her taxpayer funded damage control team will launch a predictably belligerent counter offensive on Monday. They will demand that the comptroller recuse himself and threaten civil action against the State of Tennessee for having the gall to investigate her.

  3. Bob Thomas

    Megan Barry must go ASAP, and the city must investigate and prosecute any misuse of funds or corruption. Nashville does not deserve the mess Barry created. We must investigate and prosecute to send a strong, clear message to everyone in government that we do not tolerate public corruption.

  4. Papa

    Where are the citizens of Nashville? There has been anti-Barry rally of about 80 people and nothing since. Has Nashville decided to accept Barry and let her continue in office?
    “I didn’t inhale” “I never had sex with that woman, not once” were quite possibly the first phrases the American people accepted that started the corrupt, deceitful and immorality we see today. Liberals may have initiated it but Republican RINOs and Christians have laid down and accepted it. Sorry if the truth hurts!

    1. Eric

      I suspect there were only 80 people at the rally because those who want Barry gone have jobs and work.

  5. Eric

    I hope they nail her azz to the wall!