Off the Record: Unscrupulous Mayor Says She’s the Real Victim in the Adultery Scandal

Holy hold the presses Batman – we’ve got it all wrong!!!

It’s not the citizens of Nashville whose money was used so the Mayor could have sex with her bodyguard who are victimized by the Mayor’s adultery.

It’s not Sgt. Forrest’s wife and kids who’ve been humiliated by the Mayor who was huggin’ on Sgt. Forrest at the same time she was hugging his wife and his father-in-law while visiting the family’s patriarch in the hospital.

It’s not even her husband Bruce who the Mayor lied to for two years while she was doin’ the dirty with Sgt. Forrest who she publicly made a cuckold.

Now that we know about the nude photos, the Mayor says she’s the victim!

And about those “nudies” – that is, if they are of her, she’s “furious” about the invasion of her privacy!!! It is, however, kind of confusing how the relationship she described as – consensual between two middle-aged adults who had feelings for each other- and what they do during their “personal time” can ever be an invasion of her privacy.

With all the convoluted and not believable statements coming out of the Mayor’s office – like the one about her early morning cemetery visits with her lover bodyguard – we can’t wait to hear how she explains that according to her official schedule, she was supposed to be in a meeting when one of the nudies was snapped.

Well she was “doing” something in some kind of meeting.

Now that the TBI has his and her cellphones and is looking over what has and has not been deleted, it’s likely more questions will be asked.

Regardless of how the Mayor answers, one thing we know for sure, is that she’ll say just about anything, no matter how absurd to try and save her political career.

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10 Thoughts to “Off the Record: Unscrupulous Mayor Says She’s the Real Victim in the Adultery Scandal”

  1. I cannot believe how ballsy this woman is … it is unbelievable to me that Megan Barry and Rob Forrest paraded around town having a affair on taxpayers time and money and the people of Nashville as of a poll that came out this morning she has only lost 10% of her popularity ? Really ? People what in the world are you doing ? Wake up … read the paper , the stories , watch the news . I don’t feel sorry for her arrogant pompas self righteous indignation attitude … I feel sorry for Rob Forrest wife and in laws as well as his family as they were well fooled by Mr Forrest as well as Mayor Barry … beware folks she is a dangerous carnivores species and Nashville is going to pay dearly for her choices … we already have lool at the facts !

  2. Mark2Matrix

    Megan Barry and her husband have decided to do the “Blue Suede Dress” defense. Just like Bill and Hillary they’re going to keep it going for sake of their power couple deal of liberal facism. She’s a “putan” plain and simple and she should be forced to resign or be tried for corruption.

  3. T

    Looking more and more like Hillary and Pelosi everyday is it she. Not only in looks but her demeanor also

  4. lb

    I posted on twitter that arrogant, tone deaf and stupid is a terrible way to go thru life. She is all of that and more–her photo should be on wiki as definition of HUBRIS

  5. Floyd

    I can’t wait until this fat fool and her weirdo husband leave town once and for all. We are all growing tired of her wasting our time and money trying to salvage her short lived and self destroyed political career. Good riddance.

  6. Papa

    It never fails! When a liberal gets caught they immediately become the victim, not the families, friends and especially not the citizens. The voters are a necessary evil needed to further the career of the corrupt and immoral. The best way to tell if they’re telling a lie is to check their mouth for movement!
    Barry is more proof liberalism is a mental disorder!

  7. Charles Brown

    Why is it that, for the most part, corporate officers and the general workers don’t have to be concerned with the “Constant” ethics discussions and accountability and reminders that Government employees are subjected . Possibility that Politicians are a different breed?

  8. Brian McMurphy

    They said they were #NastyWomen. We just didn’t know how nasty.

    Barry’s smug face during yesterday’s Channel 5 interview over the Funk letter is the real Megan Barry.

    A brazen, mean-spirited, vindictive partisan who will have to be forcibly removed from office. And her texts and e-mails will show that contrary to her cultivated image as the benevolent mother of the global village.

    I don’t know that Bruce Barry is a victim here. I imagine that he knew and was ok as long as it didn’t make the news. His Twitter feed since this story came out shows that he only cares about advancing his leftwing agenda and supporting his marriage of convenience contrary to your outdated, bourgeois, 1950s idea of relationships shows how mature he is – in his own mind.

  9. 83ragtop50

    Next ploy will be for her to claim this is all a racist conspiracy.

    1. Sha

      “A widespread, right-wing conspiracy”!