Judson Phillips Commentary: Diane Black and Freedom

One of the issues I have worked on for several years has been IRS abuse.

The attitude and actions of the Internal Revenue Service towards conservatives has been nothing short of shocking. IRS employees gave 94% of their political contributions to Hillary Clinton. IRS workers were busted for telling people to vote for Barack Obama.

Lois Lerner, the infamous former IRS executive, targeted conservative and Tea Party groups. Lerner and her ilk did not simply delay non-profit approval for these groups. Conservatives and conservative groups were targeted for auditing and worse. In 2014, every 501(C)(4) group that was audited by the IRS was a conservative group.

What a lot of people do not know is that when the IRS scandal broke in 2013, Lerner and Obama appointees from the Department of Justice were conspiring to prosecute conservatives for the crime of being conservative.

All of this leads to something called Schedule B and Diane Black. Schedule B is an addendum that has to be filed by non-profit groups, listing their donors. Left wing groups and left wing Attorneys General want these documents.


Because with a donor list, they can harass the donors for conservative organizations and some of these people will give up because of the harassment and stop donating.

There is no reason for the IRS to collect donation data on contributions to 501(C)(4) groups. Those donations are not tax deductible. The IRS has the same need for this information as they do for the details of the breakfast someone bought from Chick-Fil-A.

After years of abuse, a Member of Congress stepped up to do something about it. Peter Roskam is a great guy and has been a leader in the fight against IRS abuses. Congressman Roskam wrote HR4916, to end the ability of the IRS to collect donor data and to protect the free speech rights of Americans.

One Congressman joined Roskam in sponsoring that bill. Of the remaining 434 Members of Congress, only one joined him in co-sponsoring that bill.

Diane Black.

Congressman Black certainly did not have to get into this fight. She is running for the governorship. She will either win or lose, but no matter what, she won’t be back in DC next year.

You can tell a lot about someone by the fights they choose to have. Congressman Black did not have to get involved in this fight. She could have handled her business in Washington, while she worked on her campaign for governor.

The federal government is the greatest threat to liberty in America today. The Democrats have weaponized the federal government to be used against real Americans.

This reform is long overdue and conservatives should remember that when it was important, Congressman Black stood with us against the IRS.



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8 Thoughts to “Judson Phillips Commentary: Diane Black and Freedom”

  1. Horatio Bunce

    Considering the falsified “research” TTU provided to Fitzgerald Glider Kits and the quarter million they donated through multiple channels to Black in exchange for favorable rules changes at the EPA, I could see why she might be fighting to keep donations secret.

  2. Kevin

    You are correct, Mae is out. Too bad! But let me tell you exactly what I’m saying.

    Black’s voting record indicates she’s a RINO at best, and some of her statement’s she’s made while campaigning, don’t pass the smell test. But, if that’s who or what you want, OK. Chances are VERY good that she will give us more of the same RINO-rhetoric, while she grows government, does little to reduce regulation, etc, etc!

    Is she better than “anyboby but Boyd”, absolutely!

    That leaves two (excluding Kay White who’s MIA) Republicans, Harwell, who’s voting record is RINOerous, and Lee. To me, at this time, Lee is the best choice, but he does need to get better at understanding the issues and then articulating his position.

    1. BJ

      There is only ONE reason Kay White is MIA … Middle TN that now controls what goes on in TN doesn’t want her message heard. Think about it … who’s in control now, Haslam, Harwell, Corker, Alexander … all Middle TN … compared that list to who wants to be in control, Harwell, Black, Blackburn (Alexander unfortunately remains). Neither of these people supported Trump and only reluctantly stepped out when they saw it would be to their benefit. In fact Black was all in with the stop Trump from being nominated group. There is ONLY ONE TRUE CONSERVATIVE in the race now … Kay White!

  3. 83ragtop50

    Supporting this bill sounds everything like using it to claim that she will fight for right no matter what the cost. But in this case – as the author unwittingly pointed out – she has nothing to lose because she will not be back in Washington next year. She is just another swamp creature….. but still better than La Raza Randy.

  4. C. Rush

    Congresswoman Black sure seemed to be standing on the sidelines for years during the worst of times when conservative patriot groups were fighting for their political lives.

    Can anyone name any significant action C.Black took to support those conservative patriots fighting against the IRS and President Obama’s hatchet woman leader Lois Lerner?

  5. Alex

    You’d rather have a guy like “Open Borders” Boyd? That’s what you seem to be saying.

    Beavers is out and nothing will bring her back. Lee is not prepared and Harwell doesn’t stand a chance.

    Buckley’s rule applies and that means it’s Black or bust….. I can’t afford BUST!

    1. 83ragtop50

      But that does not mean that her failings should not be pointed out. Maybe a little pressure will cause her to actually support conservative values with more than lip service.

  6. Kevin

    Isn’t Rep Black’s current job to represent the people of the TN 6th District? Isn’t it her job to represent ALL of her constituents? So in this case she did her job, nothing more, nothing less! Where was she when Obama was first pushing his weaponization of the IRS? Crickets! But now to the gotcha, did she represent her “still in the womb” constituents, and defund Planned Parenhood? No! As Chairman of the Budget committee, she could have killed the budget bill that still includes the funding of PP. But she didn’t!

    So when the outcome is clearly in her favor (Trump was gonna fix this issue anyways) Rep Black fights. When the fight is going to consume “political capital”, she stands on the sidelines, and let’s other fight. Just the kind of leadership we DON’T need as Governor!