Wife of Sgt. Rob Forrest, the Former Bodyguard and Lover of Mayor Megan Barry, Files for Divorce

Penny Forrest, the wife of Sgt. Rob Forrest, the former Metro Nashville Police Department officer who conducted a two-year long extramarital affair with Nashville Megan Mayor Barry, has filed for divorce.

WKRN reported:

Court documents show the complaint was filed on Feb. 23 and cites irreconcilable differences and inappropriate marital conduct.

According to the divorce complaint, Penny Forrest would show that her husband “has been guilty of inappropriate marital conduct as to render further cohabitation unsafe and improper.”

“Saturday, Rob Forrest’s attorney released the following statement regarding the divorce filing,” NewsChannel 5 reported:

Mr. Forrest is aware he will shortly be served with divorce papers. He deeply regrets that his conduct will cost him his marriage. Given the intensely personal nature of a divorce, Mr. Forrest asks for privacy for his family at this difficult time. Mr. Forrest and I will have no further statement.

“The divorce complaint also includes a temporary injunction,” WSMV reported:

According to the American Bar Association, a temporary injunction is a court order requiring both parties to cease some particular action until a hearing can take place.

Failure to do so can result in fines, arrest, or even prison time depending on the circumstances of the case.

Since January 31, the day Mayor Barry publicly admitted to the affair with Sgt. Forrest, most in the Nashville media expected Forrest’s wife to file for divorce.

According to WKRN, “The divorce filing states Rob and Penny Forrest separated February 1,” the day after the mayor’s admission.

The divorce proceedings present yet another problem for Mayor Barry, who already faces three investigations and learned yesterday that the Tennessee Comptroller has joined of of those investigations currently being conducted by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI).

Penny Forrest’s attorney is almost certain to vigorously pursue new information about the extramarital affair between her estranged husband and Mayor Barry through depositions in which both parties are required to testify under oath, and through discovery, in which numerous requests for documents and digital images will be filed with the court.

On Thursday, the case intensified when an affidavit filed by the TBI revealed that “authorities believe that Forrest took two photos of a nude woman who is believed to be Barry on his Police Department-issued cell phone,” WSMV reported.

Mayor Barry’s official twitter account offered no comment on the divorce filing, or her role in it after the news broke on Saturday.

It did, however, send this tweet out late Saturday:


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12 Thoughts to “Wife of Sgt. Rob Forrest, the Former Bodyguard and Lover of Mayor Megan Barry, Files for Divorce”

  1. RCM

    Both are unattractive . My goodness if your going to cheat at least make it worth it. Choose A Marilyn M or a Brad P type. Mr. Barry and Mrs Forrest don’t lose any sleep over these two creeps. Also the polls show people of Nashville have low I Q’s.

  2. Smellen Mellen

    Kevin that is a good one!!

    Barry needs to keep her big girl panties on now
    Seems like she is going to need them… along with a big box of Depends!🙈

  3. Preds

    He needs to tell everything to save his hide. He is the employee witl less power that could be taken advantage of…ha…will he stand and lose eveything for his girlfried as she and her lawyers set him up for criminal prosecution? The ending should be perfect for Jerry Springer

  4. Austin

    Now I’m wondering what Prof. Bruce Barry is going to write in his “Pith In The Wind” column in the Nashville Scene regarding the Mayoral scandal. He certainly fully covers any even innuendos regarding Republicans.

  5. lb

    She is just defiant–tone deaf, arrogant, she needs to GO. I hope the wife goes after her personally and everyone who supposedly “supervised” her husband–drag them thru court esp the homewrecker mayoress–alienation of affection would be a good place to start

    1. Barbara Tanner

      Gee is don’t think alienation of affection is something you can sue a person for….at least not for fifty or sixty years.

  6. Brian McMurphy

    A) Kevin: That’s a good one. How no one else got that one yet is just sad.

    B) The question for Forrest to consider is whether two years of Megan Barry is worth half of everything he’s accumulated for his adult life, half of his pension, his marriage, his reputation, and potential future litigation.

    I don’t see it. She’s going into full PanderBarry mode while he’s going to be out of his house, cash, profession, ostracized from family and friends, and while she’s accusing him of violating her privacy. The guy who made you squeal like a not-so-little piggy might not be the one to start with the character assassination.

  7. Floyd

    Megan and Bruce are going to hold their hand of eights and aces for now in hopes of reeling in a large damage award from Sgt Forrest and Metro.

  8. Brian McMurphy

    By my count, one spouse did not know what was going on and is doing something about it.

    The other one has been pretty cool with it so far.

  9. Eric

    The national media has picked up on the Megan Barry saga making her and Nashville a laughing stock. Resign, o conceited one!!

  10. Kevin

    So while Rob and Megan were jet setting around on our “dime”, it was costing Rob his very last Penny! I bet in the end he’ll realize it wasn’t a Barry good decision!