Fired Googler Warns Social Media Users About Censored Speech

Bias and mass censorship from extraordinarily powerful tech companies create an enormous problem that Americans have to come to terms with, says a former Google employee who was fired for his politically incorrect views. While tech companies in Silicon Valley and elsewhere are incentivized to create a “safe and civil” environment for their customers, problems emerge when “they get to define what offensive is,” James Damore said during a breakout session at the Conservative Political Action Conference, or CPAC.

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One Thought to “Fired Googler Warns Social Media Users About Censored Speech”

  1. Papao

    “Government” involvement is what led to this censoring, liberal involvement. How many times did Hussein meet with the tech companies? For what purpose? NO! It couldn’t be! Amazing how much more prevalent reports of censoring are since Trump won the election. Especially comments from Christian Conservatives