Mexican Leader’s Visit with Trump Shelved Over Wall

Mexico and the United States have shelved tentative plans for a visit to Washington by President Enrique Pena Nieto as tensions persist over a proposed border wall, US media reported Saturday.

Pena Nieto had already cancelled a visit in January last year because of US President Donald Trump’s insistence that Mexico pay for the wall, which he wants as part of his efforts to curb immigration.

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One Thought to “Mexican Leader’s Visit with Trump Shelved Over Wall”

  1. Brian McMurphy

    So what? The last thing this country needs is another Mexican. He’ll grace us with the remaining shelf life of his presidency if Trump promises to stab all of his supporters in the back. What a great deal.

    Melania, cancel Taco Tuesday. Enrique’s not coming.

    Pena Nieto has been an abject failure and, in true Latin American form, they are going to follow his socialist policies by electing a hardcore communist, Chavez-Lite, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador next.

    Once that happens, a flood of people will be escaping his stated “hugs, not bullets” approach to the drug war that is terrorizing the entire country and some cities here.