Off the Record: Boyd’s Team in Shelby County Gives a Lesson in Political Arrogance

Republican gubernatorial candidate Randy Boyd’s campaign team was fired up to be in West Tennessee last week!

After opening a Shelby County HQ last Saturday, they capped the day by dressing down Shelby County’s GOP chairman and terrorizing diners at the GOP dinner that night.

All because they weren’t treated the way they believed they deserved to be treated.

As reported to The Tennessee Star tip line (and subsequently confirmed in other media reports):

Chip Saltsman got so mad last night at Shelby County GOP Chair Lee Mills because Diane Black was on the agenda to introduce Senator Tim Scott he screamed at Lee and called him a p***y in front of everyone in the hotel lobby.

In case you can’t figure out what p***y spells, think of those little pink hats that all those angry women wore while marching.  Chip has spent time in D.C. and maybe that’s how they talk to each other “up there” but in Tennessee we express our displeasure with at least a touch of C-I-V-I-L-I-T-Y.

Campaign managers of self-described MODERATES like Randy Boyd should also realize that calling someone a cat can be offensive if that someone is really a dog person.

As if Chip’s rant wasn’t enough, Boyd’s political director Bonnie Brezina started SCREAMING at folks eating at a certain table which she wanted for her candidate’s folks. According to reports from diners, you could have heard her screaming from Shelby County all the way to East Tennessee.

There was nothing MODERATE about the behavior of Boyd’s campaign team Saturday night. And Boyd is reported to be spending BIG money trying to shake off the MODERATE label he gave himself.  Believe it or not, he wants people to believe that he’s really a conservative even after he told his hometown weekly that, “I’m probably the most hated, disrespected, untolerated political entity in existence… I’m a moderate.”

And to hammer home the idea that Boyd really believes he’s a conservative – the kind who keeps going out of his way to remind us that he idolizes never-Trumper Mitt Romney – he’s built his finance team with folks who have helped raise money for pro-illegal-alien-amnesty establishment Republicans like Lamar Alexander.

Boyd has also made a place on his team for Taylor Ferrell, a former “consultant” paid by the GOP state party to work against several conservative incumbents during the 2016 primary races. Taylor’s husband Walker was kicked out left his position as political director of the TNGOP after 27 state legislators exposed the unethical maneuverings to skirt the party’s by-laws so that his wife could get paid to try and unseat conservative incumbents.


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9 Thoughts to “Off the Record: Boyd’s Team in Shelby County Gives a Lesson in Political Arrogance”

  1. […] Tennessee Star reports here about some shenanigans by former Knoxvillian Bonnie Brezina the political director on the Randy […]

  2. John W. Niven Jr

    Newsflash for the Boyd campaign staff – BULLYING ISN’T COOL ANY MORE !!!
    You will NOT bully your way on to our program with vulgar language or anything else. You are GUESTS at OUR program. Yes, the P word was used. Got a dozen witnesses to that. Do you really think you can win a hotly contested Primary by insulting the Chairman of the largest Republican Party in the State ? Diane Black got us the speaker, so she was allowed to introduce the speaker. When she did, she spoke not a word about running for Governor. Only about her relationship with Sen. Scott in Congress. Bill Lee also conducted himself as a perfect gentleman. Take a lesson !!! An apology from the Boyd campaign is due to Chairman Mills and SOON, lest your candidate find himself in a severe drought of support in Shelby County.
    John W. Niven Jr., Treasurer
    Republican Party of Shelby County

  3. lb

    I laugh every time I see his sanctimonious TV commercials where he touts his conservatism and that “illegal means illegal”–. That rings a little hollow when you know he gave a lot of money to the illegal loving, aiding and abetting renata soto/la raza shill

  4. Sim

    When you give these liberals enough rope, they’ll find a place to hang themselves.

    I really have a hard time believing people can be as ignorant as what I hear them say and some of the things they do.

  5. Wolf Woman

    La Raza Randy, a conservative? When pigs fly.

    He wants to give Tennessee jobs (like at meat packing plants) to refugees so the companies don’t have to pay a decent wage. He wants to have sanctuary cities. He’s a rhino who cares more about making a buck than taking care of Tennesseans, whose families have lived here for generations, fought for their country and pay their taxes.

  6. West TN Rural Voter

    DoTennesseans really want a Governor that publically bad mouthed President Trump – then after Trump is elected he says pubically says he’s always been Pro-Trump?!!! How can you trust anything he says? First he’s Pro-La Raza (donated 1/4 mill) to their cause, and now says he’s pro-Border Wall!
    Integrity matters!

  7. Eric

    Saltsman, you “ain’t right.”

  8. Stuart I. Anderson

    That’s why when I finally cast a vote for governor this August I will vote for whichever candidate has the best chance of beating Randy! because for me it’s “ANYBODY BUT BOYD!”

  9. Papa

    No vote for Boyd. I’m glad this came out before the primary.