Analysis: Vanderbilt University ‘Barry Poll’ Relies Upon Suspect Methodology That Has Little Political Applicability

A new Vanderbilt University poll of 800 “residents” of Davidson County purports to claim that Nashville Mayor Megan Barry has seen little slippage of popularity despite her ongoing sex scandal, including new revelations regarding nude photos, questionable use of overtime security details at non-official events, and continued investigations into potential misuse of public funds and lack of transparency. The “poll” indicates that Barry has see a decline in her approval rating from 72% in a similar poll a year ago to 61% today.

The Vanderbilt Poll, which will be released with further details on March 4, 2018, was provided in a “limited preview release” to The Tennessean on February 27. The methodology of the “poll” raises serious questions concerning both the political applicability as well as the means by which the data was collected.

1. The survey was conducted from February 8-19, 2018. No serious polling operation ever conducts a poll over eleven days, particularly when new information is coming forth on a daily basis.
2. Polling “residents” rather than “registered voters,” or more appropriately “likely voters,” limits the political application of the polling data because those who are not even registered to vote tend to be less informed and engaged about issues of political importance. Additionally, opinions that do not translate into votes have little significance in the political arena.
3. The composition of the pool of respondents has not been released, raising questions about the percentages of Republican, Democrat and Independent participants; age, race and education proportions, etc.

“Calling this a ‘bogus’ poll would be kind,” conservative Republican strategist Steve Gill noted. “The most harmful information about the Barry scandal — including nude photos, failure to provide investigators with her passcode despite claims of being completely ‘transparent’, mysterious early morning visits to the City Cemetery, a Comptroller investigation, etc. — came out after the eleven day poll was completed, though it was withheld from distribution by Vanderbilt University for another week or so after it was completed.”

“Polls are snapshots that always lag a few days behind actual public opinion,” Gill added, “so when a public figure is seeing their numbers in free fall the worst is always still ahead. That is certainly the case for Megan Barry.”

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12 Thoughts to “Analysis: Vanderbilt University ‘Barry Poll’ Relies Upon Suspect Methodology That Has Little Political Applicability”

  1. Mary

    The best day for the City of Nashville was the day Megan Barry resigned. She will go down in history as the biggest failure NASHVILLE ever elected!

  2. Not My Mayor

    The famous political analyst Ed Rollins said if you don’t like your polling , hire another company.

  3. lb

    I said when this thing was announced that unless it was polled ONLY proven Davidson Co residents AND registered voters, it was BS poll

  4. Olivia M

    She needs to resign ahead of any recall election. She is a shameless manipulator and sociopath. So is Bruce. Metro council needs to ask for her resignation now and save us this slow bleed. Also, the Govorner, a heavy weight, should not be ambiguous in answering questions about Megan. He should say, in no uncertain terms, her indescretions and dishonesty, including abuse of her office and tax payer money, is a distraction and is not good for Nashville. He should say, SHE SHOULD RESIGN, NOW.

  5. Brian McMurphy

    Vanderbilt and MTSU polls are about as notoriously reliable as the cheapest Harbor Freight tool you can find. They may do their one job, in this case that it to attempt to manipulate public opinion, but don’t rely on it.

    Pollsters should be made to disclose their historical accuracy rates. I’m sure President Hillary and the advocates who successfully repealed the 2nd Amendment as “common sense reform”, and granted amnesty to 30M illegal aliens would agree.

  6. Floyd

    Vanderbilt and Green Hills money are responsible for installing this megalomaniac as our mayor. I’ve never trusted the run off election’s result from day one let alone a slanted poll of her supporters that characterizes her as “amazingly popular”.

  7. Bill

    Hyenas work in packs. They need each other to manipulate the moves of their prey so that they can surround,move in, attack, and eventually kill it. I believe our government, universities, and liberal media outlets have studied the moves and behaviors of this wild and cunning pack of animals. Living in their den of the ACLU, their political power and territory has no boundaries these days. We never know who their prey might be next. May God bless those who fight for truth.

  8. Austin

    Don’t be too hard on the pollsters. They worked hard going from door to door in the James Cayce Homes.

  9. Wayne Sawyer

    Mayor Moonbeam’s husband, Bruce Barry, is a liberal professor employed by Vanderbilt University. This university has now become one of the most liberal universities in America. It is not surprise that Vanderbilt is now involved in “the circleing of the wagons”.. MTSU also does polls. Their results would have been more readily believed. Resign Mayor and save us the cost of a recall.

  10. Scott Jones

    “The survey was conducted from February 8-19, 2018”
    A lot of details have come to light since then.

  11. Papa

    Why would any one believe differently? The poll is no different than the pro-Barry billboards. All part of an orchestrated effort.

  12. 83ragtop50

    What else would one expect from Vanderbilt?