Diane Black: Abortion Is Not Family Planning – It Is Family Destruction

Diane Black

Representative Diane Black spoke at the Susan B. Anthony List luncheon Tuesday where she discussed the pro-life victories in Congress since the historic 2016 elections that swept Donald Trump and Mike Pence into office, including Black’s own bill to allow states to determine where they spend their Title X dollars and the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, which bans late-term abortions after 20 weeks.

Black said, “Here in our state of Tennessee – before I left Tennessee to go to Congress – we passed a bill here in our state that was signed into law that said our dollars, our Title X dollars, are used for it’s true purpose and that is family planning.

“Abortion is not family planning – by definition. It’s family destruction, by definition,” she said, to loud applause and cheers by the luncheon crowd.

After her remarks, her long-time friend Vice President Mike Pence took the podium took a moment to thank Representative Black for her leadership on fighting for the unborn:

I understand that you’ve heard from one of the great, great champions of life in the Congress of the United States. Congresswoman Diane Black, my great friend, is with us today. I appreciate her very much.

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5 Thoughts to “Diane Black: Abortion Is Not Family Planning – It Is Family Destruction”

  1. Thank you Diane! I stand with you on this! I love the Locke family but totally disagree with Donna Locke on Abortion! This is the most horrendous crime in our lifetime. Women who do not want children can have her tubes tied, use protection or abstain. In the end, it will be God and God alone who will judge this act!

  2. Donna Locke

    I don’t agree with Diane on this. I support freedom of choice on abortion, the established constitutional right to privacy, and the precedence of the life already born. The anti-choice preaching is really an effort to control females, as most major religions had controlling and subjugating all females as their initial, overriding goal, tactic, and strategy.

    I am a mother, by the way.

    1. Bill

      Well at least you took the moral road with your own offspring. Good for you.

  3. Bill

    Thanks for this continuous fight Diane Black, however, family destruction is a little too nice. Let’s call it what it really is, permissible genocide. Draws a similar comparison to Hitler’s genocide of Jews and yet we’re only appalled at Hitler? I guess he might say that being dictator, he had the right to choose, and may have referred to it as Planned Leaderhood. You say a life is not a life upon conception? Why then if a pregnant mother is killed and loses her unborn baby, it’s double homicide? As far as I’m concerned, both examples of genocide are inconceivable and horrendous. One however, is legal under law. Sad

  4. Lee

    Diane Black has been committed to the unborn, for all the years that she has been in public office. She has been tireless in her fight for these little ones who have NO voice. Thank you, Mrs Black.