Metro Councilman on Tennessean’s Call for Mayor Barry to Resign: ‘This Has Become the Opinion of Nearly Every Person in Nashville’

Steve Glover

Asked for his reaction to the latest call for Mayor Barry’s resignation coming from her former staunch allies at The Tennessean, Metro Councilman Steve Glover told The Tennessee Star:

Given the revelations over the past several days, I feel its safe to say that this has become the opinion of nearly every person in Nashville. Putting the welfare of the city above yourself should always be top of mind for anyone elected to serve.

Day by day the Mayor’s version of her two year illicit relationship with her bodyguard, which she said during her public admission, did not violate any laws or policies, is unraveling.

Judson Phillips, writing in a Tennessee Star commentary on February 1, the day after Mayor Barry admitted to the affair with Sgt. Forrest, was one of the first to call for Barry’s resignation.

Another call to resign from long-time pastor and community activist Enoch Fuzz, followed one week later along with a similar message from The Tennessean’s Clarksville-based liberal columnist and opinion writer Saritha Prabhu.

Retired Vanderbilt Law Professor Carol Swain nailed the Mayor as “damaged goods” and said “she needs to go” and repeated that message at the “Resign Now! Megan Barry” rally.

Despite the nude photos, apparent misstatements by the Mayor regarding the police department’s policy on her security, the withholding of information by her office related to the affair, and details about the multiple taxpayer-financed trips she and Sgt. Forrest took while their affair was on-going, the Mayor has refused to resign.

In response to the most recent call for her resignation issued by The Tennessean editorial board, Sean Braisted, the Mayor’s Director of Communications issued the following statement on behalf of the Mayor:

‘I was elected to serve as mayor by the voters of Davidson County, and I will continue to do so,’ she said. ‘The Tennessean is welcome to their opinion.’

According to Councilman Steve Glover, however, the Mayor’s assessment of the public’s opinion may not be accurate.


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11 Thoughts to “Metro Councilman on Tennessean’s Call for Mayor Barry to Resign: ‘This Has Become the Opinion of Nearly Every Person in Nashville’”

  1. Olivia

    Jerry, There is no way the Vanderbilt poll is credible. They did not do their due diligence in polling registered voters, in particular, with deep knowledge of the situation as it has unfolded. Their poll was in advance of the damning details that followed her admission of “a couple of middle aged folks canoodling.” We’ve learned it is a true crime. The poll was obsolete before they released it. Good news is, she can put that poll in her…resume when she applies for a job with Vandy as a “basket weaving instructor” along side her husband (to borrow another comentator’s hilarious description of Bruce’s position at Vandy).

  2. Jerry OConnor

    I guess that Tennesseean poll that showed Barry with a 61% approval rating was an outlier then? Hmmm… 61%… that’s 50% higher than President Trump’s approval rating of 40%.

  3. lb

    I said it before, arrogant, tone deaf and hypocritical is no way to go thru life-. This mayoress has been a disaster from day 1. Crime has skyrocketed even murders in the golden district downtown-. Her idiotic policies and promotions of every progressive idea that someone feeds her is stupid. Anyone seen 51st street lately? They took a heavily traveled road and removed 2 full lanes from it for bike/walk. Now the tanker trucks who use it to go to the depots at the end of the street are being so crowded that someone is going to have a bad accident. It is now a dangerous road because of some idiotic idea from the mayoress and her cronies.
    She cant (or wont) fix the potholes–only when the outrage got too loud did she make that dept get in gear and out in the streets.
    A token who never had the makeup to actually do anything but bobblehead around to social events with the hipsters and spend taxpayer money on her various illicit and illegal activities. Time to GO

  4. Olivia

    People can lean left all they want. But is this Mayor the one they want as a representative? Preserving her position in spite of her criminal actions and intent to defraud Nashville is not the way to hang on to ideals….it is the opposite. To preserve order and positive forward movement as a city and for liberals in particular who put her there, it is best to ask for her resignation ahead of any recall election. She must go. Nashville must not continue to allow this slow bleed of the Mayor’s office. Letting her go is not giving in to conservative views. It’s doing the right thing to preserve a positive stance. They can elect another liberal Mayor. The Govorner, who is well respected and no nonsense should weigh in, with no ambiguity. He should say, Megan Barry should resign now, for the good of Nashville.

  5. Floyd

    Judging by the low turn out at every event Megan Barry speaks at these days, Steve Glover is correct in asserting that most want her gone. She has not been effective as mayor and the evidence now shows that she only cares about selfishly advancing her interests and no one else’s. Everyone seems to have finally figured this out and it’s time for her to resign before she causes further damage to Nashville’s image.

  6. Austin

    It is no more surprising that she’s still in office as it is that she was elected in the first place.

  7. Wolf Woman

    Can you say “hubris” mayor moonbeam? It seems to me the word fits you like a glove. You do realize, don’t you, that your actions will have consequences and you will leave office with no achievements, no good will or popularity, not one thing to salvage a political career.

    Well, there will be that scarlet A on your forehead that you can wear proudly around town, your hubris crown, and to the next job you scrounge from your socialist friends who think there’s no problem with taking money from the workers to use for personal desires.

  8. Kevin

    Glover is right, resign NOW, Mayor Barry!

    Elections have consequences, and this is what “we” get when citizens chase “shiny” objects! We are staring the next round of elections in the face, chose wisely. Your wallets, your safety, your basic freedoms hinge on your decisions!

  9. Papa

    “In your face, Nashville”! Do as I say not as I do! Nashville elected Barry. It’s now time for the people of Nashville to show her the road.

  10. 83ragtop50

    Mr. Glover is appears to be the only rational member of the council. That is not a surprise based upon the current composition of the Nashville population. “IT” cities like Nashville, San Francisco, New York, etc. always attract the left leaning crowd that eventually override the will of the long term residents.