Speech First: New Legal Group Will Sue Universities That Don’t Uphold the First Amendment

Colleges and universities that violate the First Amendment rights of their students may soon find themselves in court. Speech First launched on Wednesday with a mission to support the free-speech rights of students “on campus, in the courts, and in the media.” Nicole Neily, president of Speech First, said the legal group will level the playing field between college students and the powerful institutions they attend.

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2 Thoughts to “Speech First: New Legal Group Will Sue Universities That Don’t Uphold the First Amendment”

  1. liquidators1

    Schools that deny and punish students for expressing their 1st amendment rights should lose all federal funding including research and any tax free benefits they enjoy.

  2. Bill E.

    Talking about weapons of mass destruction, we know now that they are the universities in the country. They are weaponizing young impressionable kids with Marxist thoughts teaching intolerance,anti constitutional ideology, and aggression against those who simply agree with the founding fathers of this once great nation. It’s not enough to have a difference of opinions with these pushing their liberal communistic agendas, you either comply, or you’re silenced, shout down and persecuted. We even seen it recently at our local Christian universities like trevecca. They play the diversity card to indoctrinate this country into accepting any and everything immoral, patriotic, and Christian. They won’t stop until all that is virtuous,good,and true is forever removed from civilization. I’m not good with that.