Illegal Immigration Estimated to Cost Tennessee Taxpayers $793 Million in 2017

The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), estimates that illegal immigration cost Tennessee taxpayers $793 million dollars in 2017.

A recently updated infographic published by FAIR, estimates that 135,000 illegal aliens live in Tennessee that along with approximately 46,000 of their children born in the U.S., brings the total to over 180,000 people.

FAIR estimates that in Tennessee, illegal alien households add 39,000 students to local schools.

More specifically, FAIR’s infographic totaling the fiscal burden of illegal immigration on Tennessee estimates that between the cost of education, law enforcement, healthcare, public assistance and expenses associated with government services, $793 million Tennessee tax dollars were diverted to support illegal immigration in 2017.

Including U.S. citizens and authorized alien workers, the cost breaks down to a fiscal burden of $315 per household.

The infographic can be viewed below:


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16 Thoughts to “Illegal Immigration Estimated to Cost Tennessee Taxpayers $793 Million in 2017”

  1. mike slaney

    For the misinformed voter, a solution, all those who favor illegal immigration and what it costs the Tennessee Tax Payer. LET THEM WHOLLY take on the TAX BURDEN, e.i. if they favor such a thing, let the State Bills go directly to them at the end of fiscal year. Life is simple!

  2. austinandjustin

    135,000 illegals immigrants and TN has a population of 6.716 million. I’m more concerned with the 953 unsafe bridges most of us travel on every day, our schools C- on academic achievement, D+ on school finance and C on “chance for success” bringing us to 36th ranking out of 50 states, and the epidemic of prescription drug and opioid abuse.

    1. Jennifer Grant

      Because you’re an idiot

  3. […] By 2017, FAIR estimated the number of illegal aliens in the state had grown to 135,000 and at an estimated cost of $793 million. […]

  4. […] is a huge burden to state and local governments; in 2017, illegal immigration was estimated to have cost Tennessee taxpayers almost $800 million […]

  5. Wolf Woman

    And what does La Raza Randy Boyd care. He’s rich so it doesn’t hurt his pocketbook. He doesn’t have to go to the Lentz Health clinic and sit next to someone who has TB. He loves illegal aliens. Ask Renata Soto.

    1. Kert Blackwood

      Wolf Woman, you hit that dead center!

  6. CB

    We left California because of illegal aliens. This makes me boiling mad. I’m sure we will have to leave Tennessee too. They have way more kids than citizens because it’s all free for them. Soon they outnumber citizens. You should see what happened in California. The crime, filth and disease is horrible. Tennessee better get this under control. The democrats are bringing them on purpose to give them welfare for votes. They don’t assimilate, they burn our flag and demand rights. Kick them out!!!

    1. Michelle

      We fled California, too!

      I have to say I am heart broken over things I see occuring in Tennessee that remind me of the Golden State: arbitrary tax hikes, christians embracing progressive ideals, illegals welcomed, etc. I told my husband just last week that Tenn. is only 2-3 generations away from becoming Calif. It doesn’t happen over night but with strategic baby steps., then before you know it, your quality of life, your traditions, your religion, your education, etc. are hijacked. Tennessee you are under attack! Get informed and vote wisely!

  7. Hillary

    Keep voting Democrat!! We can afford it, right?

  8. Randall

    There goes my tax refund.

  9. CM in TN

    Hold our elected officials accountable for this. We do not need to be aiding and abetting illegal aliens with our tax dollars. Primary season is upon us, let them know how we tax payers feel about this.

  10. 83ragtop50

    Probably a conservative estimate. And this only reflects direct costs. What about the dilution of the education process for legal residents and citizens as just one indirect cost.

  11. Kevin

    Well this gobbles up the ENTIRE gas tax increase! Just like that! But our “Republican” Governor Haslam and “Republican” Speaker of the House (wanna be Governor) Harwell HAD to have the gas tax increase, because it was a “user” fee.

    When are we legal citizens gonna get a break, haven’t we been USED enough?

  12. Papa

    Take away the candy and they will leave!
    Tennessee may not be a sanctuary state but too many Tennessee employers sure enjoy the “benefits” of employing the illegals. They don’t have to pay benefits because the taxpayers do that for them. The only tax they pay is sales tax while the home owners carry the burden of ever increasing property to educate their ‘ninos’.
    It’s time for Tennessee to enforce the immigration laws to the max!

  13. CM in TN

    And yet many RINO, so called conservative republicans want to aid and abet these invaders. What exactly are they “conserving?” Primaries are almost upon us. Vote wisely.