Youth In Government Press Corps Produces Daily Video Newscast from Temporary HQ in New Cordell Hull Building

NASHVILLE, Tennessee–Youth In Government Press Corps video editor Chasity Chambers and video producer Amanda Nolan, along with their student team of on-air talent, are documenting the daily events at the 65th Annual Youth In Government General Assembly, a program of the Tennessee YMCA Center for Civic Engagement, at the State Capitol with daily video newscasts.

YIG Press Corps video producer Amanda Nolan (left) and video producer Chasity Chambers (right)

Nolan, a senior at Mt. Juliet High School, comes by her interest in media production naturally. Her father, Davis Nolan, is the long time weather forecaster at WKRN TV in Nashville. Nolan will be attending Vanderbilt University in the fall.

Chambers, a veteran of the Youth In Government Press Corps, attends Smyrna High School.

The General Assembly, which runs for three full days and one half day, began here in Nashville early Thursday morning, and wraps up at noon on Sunday. The Press Corps team delivered daily video newscasts and Thursday and Friday, and will finish up with a third newscast late Saturday.

The Tennessee Star sat down with Chambers and Nolan at the temporary headquarters of the Press Corps in Hearing Room 4 of the Cordell Hull Building late Friday to hear how the leadership duo puts together their newscast.

“It’s been a super fun past couple of days,” video producer Nolan told The Star.

Video editor Chasity Chambers

“I’ve been working hard coordinating our newscast, so, assigning jobs, helping prepare the students and delegates in how we film and edit and write a script, and put it all together into one cohesive newscast,” Nolan added.

Video editor Chambers told The Star Friday’s newscast would last “a little bit less than ten minutes.”

Chambers explained how they determine the length of each newscast.

“We come up with our segment ideas each day, and sometimes segments are shorter, sometimes they’re longer. It just depends on the segments how long the newscasts will be,” Chambers said.

You can watch the March 2 edition of the Youth In Government Video Newscast here:

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