Daughter of WKRN’s Davis Nolan Follows in Dad’s Footsteps


NASHVILLE, Tennessee–Amanda Nolan, who served as the Youth In Government Press Corps video producer this weekend, comes by her interest in news and media naturally.

Her father is WKRN meteorologist and weekend anchor Davis Nolan.

“My wife Ami and I are very proud of Amanda. Her video production comes mostly for her love for music and producing music videos,” Amanda’s proud dad told The Tennessee Star on Friday.

“I used to play in a band, and music and weather were my interests. I am glad Amanda is ‘carrying the torch!’ for the music. We are also very proud of her interest in political science. She has really enjoyed YIG [Youth In Government] over the years,” Nolan added.

The Star caught up with Amanda Nolan on Saturday as she carried out her video producer duties–which include producing a daily video newscast–at the 65th Annual Youth In Government General Assembly at the State Capitol.

We read her dad’s comments to her–which she heard for the first time as we read them–and asked for her reaction.

Here’s what she said:


“It made me feel so happy. I love my dad,” Amanda told The Star.

“He’s so caring, and he’s always so proud of me for what I do. He always supports me. It made me feel good. He’s one of the best people in the world. He’s always been with Channel 2 since I could remember,” she said.

“He does the Weekend Morning Show at Channel 2 now, so he has to wake up at midnight and get there by 1 am, and prepare for his broadcast that airs at 4 am and 6 am on Saturdays and 6 am and 9 am on Sundays,” Amanda added.

The Star asked Amanda what she had learned from her dad.

“The most important thing I’ve learned from my dad is to not worry what others think about you,” she responded.

“If you’re doing something that you care about, or something that you’re passionate about, people may judge you, but as long as you’re doing something that impacts the world in a positive way, you’re doing something right,” she added.

Davis Nolan “has now been forecasting weather here in Middle Tennessee for over 30 years,” according to the WKRN website.

A native of New Orleans, Lousiana, he earned “a degree in Earth Sciences from Tulane University,” followed by a ” Bachelor of Science in Meteorology from Florida State University.”

“In 2005, he became one of the first in the nation to earn the new prestigious “Certified Broadcast Meteorologist” designation from the American Meteorological Society,” WKRN notes:

Although Davis has held the AMS’s Seal of Approval since 1979, this is an upgrade. Applicants had to have a degree in meteorology and take a rigorous exam. He also has held the National Weather Association’s seal of approval since 2001. Davis takes great pride in the accuracy of his weather forecasts, especially during severe weather where he has tracked storms on air, over several hours, on many occasions.

Nolan “recently became one of the few broadcast meteorologists in the nation to earn the ‘Certified Consulting Meteorologist’ designation from the American Meteorological Society,” WKRN reported in January.

“Currently there are 214 active CCMs worldwide, most of whom work in private industry,” the station noted.

Amanda had praise for her mom, Ami Nolan, as well.

“My mom’s the best. She helps me out a lot, especially with my academics. I take a lot of AP classes, and she’s my little chearleader, basically.”

“She helps take care of my dad as well. She’ll help him out, get stuff that he needs” for work. “I love her. She’s the best,” Amanda said.

Two years ago, Amanda and her mom teamed up to bake a “Channel 2 Weather”-themed cake at a 92.9 FM cooking contest, which was filmed and posted to Facebook:


On Saturday, Amanda also shared her career and future plans with The Star.

“I’m going to Vanderbilt University next year. I’ll be studying political science with a focus on international relations, and also on the pre-med track, so I can hopefully become a doctor, a pediatrician, or something in pediatrics. And, maybe politics in the future,” she said.

Amanda is particularly interested in Asia, and more specifically, Japan, where her mother was born. Amanda told The Star she has been to Japan several times.

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