Melania Secured ‘Einstein Visa’ While Dating Trump

Seventeen years ago, Melania Knauss was granted legal residency in the United States through a green card with the elite EB-1 program—dubbed the “Einstein visa”—reserved for those who demonstrate that they have “an extraordinary ability, are an outstanding professor or researcher, or are a multinational executive or manager.”

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One Thought to “Melania Secured ‘Einstein Visa’ While Dating Trump”

  1. Papa

    I’m sure there are many more that took advantage of the EB_1 program. this is only an issue because it relates to Trump. If Trump were a Dunnycrat, you would never hear about it.
    ie. Hussein O went to school in this country under the foreign exchange program. He forfeited his American citizenship to attend school in Kenya. And his school records have been kept secret since!