‘We Hate the Oscars!’ Regular People Speak Up

“I stopped watching this drivel when I realized the Academy was just a popularity contest and platform to promote every idiotic idea out there,” a reader wrote to LifeZette over the weekend on the subject of the Oscars. She is hardly alone. Many others posted comments on Facebook, Twitter and other social media.

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3 Thoughts to “‘We Hate the Oscars!’ Regular People Speak Up”

  1. Olivia M.

    In the past I have watched and enjoyed the fashion and glamour and humor…this is the 1st yr in memory I did not even peek. I am so overwhelmed with Hollywood celebrating itself. Copious awards shows has caused the novelty and excitement of what used to be a once a year big honor to become banal. And then there’s the issue of #metoo movement going right over the cliff and being obscured in the blur of irrational mob mentality. At the same time celebrities spin on their soap boxes over civil liberties issues they fully deny human beings, in particular those protected under US laws, the right to due process. They willingly launch uncivil lynch mob offensive in the direction of a “tweet” and try the subject in court of public opinion, destroying lives in the process. I read that Ryan Seacrest was shunned by a number of celebs at this weekend’s awards. Really!? Seacrest? No formal complaint (civil nor criminal) and his network investigated and cleared him of one woman’s accusation and Meryl Streep storms past him, ignoring him? After she was attacked in social media for not immediately denouncing Weinstain’s actions and for saying she was unaware of the accusations….hmmmm….so she insulates herself inside the angry mob and uses Ryan as her target of backlash punishment….where to begin outlining the wrongs on so many levels? Truly a decline of western civilization. And The Academy Awards seems to be a symbol of that decline this year. Eating their own on live TV while the “Romans” cheer them on and take awards home for it. It’s just gross.

  2. Randall

    The good news is that in about one generation Hollywood will be replaced with digital animation.

    1. Richard Pope

      I’ve never had a reason to watch ANY type of media awards shows. Sure wish they would conduct them on closed circuit video in the homes of the nominees to spare the real people.