Nashville Mayor Megan Barry Pleads Guilty to Felony Theft Charges, Will Resign This Morning

Nashville media outlets are reporting that Mayor Megan Barry pleaded guilty this morning to felony theft charges and is expected to resign this morning at 10. am.

WKRN reported:

Nashville Mayor Megan Barry pleaded guilty in Davidson County court to felony theft charges Tuesday morning

One condition of her plea agreement was to resign from the office of mayor.

Barry pleaded guilty to felony theft of property over $10,000 charges. It is a conditional plea agreement for which Barry will receive three years unsupervised probation

She also must pay $11,000 in restitution and if she follows her plea agreement for next three years, the charges can be dismissed and expunged.

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15 Thoughts to “Nashville Mayor Megan Barry Pleads Guilty to Felony Theft Charges, Will Resign This Morning”

  1. Roxane Spitzer PhD

    I lived in Nashville for ten years as CEO of the Nashville Hospital Authority. I am so disappointed since I heard from my former colleagues that she was a good mayor. Truly disgraceful and makes it harder for a woman to gain that position again. R Spitzer

  2. The TBI’s evidence is overwhelming and Mayor Barry is expected to resign in hopes of ending the investigation.

  3. As a woman, Nashville Mayor Megan Barry gave no concern to the married wife of the police bodyguard she was sleeping with.

    Way to stick up for women, Megan Barry!

  4. Shelia

    That’s not much money to ruin your life over. Why did you take just that much?

  5. Papa

    Mark my word! By next election all will be forgotten and Nashville will elect another liberal Mayor!

  6. Brian McMurphy

    Susan: Lol. Ok. She looked pretty upset between all the smiling and boilerplate “I love this city” rah-rah.

    Arrogant and unapologetic to the end.

    Her life is fine. Her open marriage will continue unabated. She’ll run for office as soon as her felony is removed assuming she isn’t arrested for impersonating an Ethics Compliance Officer.

  7. 83ragtop50

    Too bad they allowed her to cop a plea. She would look good behind bars. Are more charges coming?

  8. Gregg

    Would make a fine full length movie…. “Dirty Barry” featuring Sargent Doinker Forrest, coming to a theater near you.

  9. Susan

    I am saddened by all this. She has ruined her life over an extramarital affair. She is not the only person to have made such a huge mistake. Judge not lest you be judged

    1. 83ragtop50

      Susan – It is a sad thing to behold. But she did not ruin her life over a n extramarital affair. She ruined her life because she believed that she was above the law.

    2. Olivia

      Susan, that is exactly what happened to the woman- she judged away and thought laws, morals and ethics did not apply to her. Wake up call.

  10. Not My Mayor

    I hope Sheriff Hall gets to book her into the new jail.

  11. Ned T.

    She is a mentally-ill egocentric leftist. But, I repeat myself.

  12. Olivia

    The stones you have thrown and the wrongs you have committed (including so many that have not become public knowledge), former Mayor Megan Barry, and now here you are a disgraced public figure and Class C Felon. Yes, God will forgive you and your narcissistic personality disorder will allow you to forgive yourself. And today is a good day for some of those who have had misery dropped on their door steps by you. Today, Nashville gleefully says Good Bye to you as our Mayor.

  13. Brian McMurphy apology. Just me, me, me. Thanks for everybody who thinks about me and what I’ve been through.

    Me-Again Barry.

    So long. You won’t be missed.

    Hey Brucie, How is that Vandy poll holding up this morning?