Cost for California Bullet Train System Rises to $77.3 Billion

The California bullet train project took a sharp jump in price Friday when the state rail authority announced the cost of connecting Los Angeles to San Francisco would total $77.3 billion, an increase of $13 billion from estimates two years ago.

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4 Thoughts to “Cost for California Bullet Train System Rises to $77.3 Billion”

  1. Papa

    All is never told on an endeavor of this magnitude. The Music City Star (MTA) recently tried to bilk Mt Juliet for $30,000 per year for services. If the people in surrounding townships and counties think they might get something free, think again.
    Music City Star:
    The annualized value of $41 million (figured over 30 years at a 4 percent interest rate) is almost $2.4 million a year. Even with recent ridership gains, the train’s operating costs are still at least $3 million a year more than fare revenues. The result is an annual cost of nearly $9,000 per daily round-trip rider. That’s enough to buy every rider a brand-new Prius every 2-1/2 to 3 years. Wouldn’t that be better for the environment than continuing to run some of Amtrak’s cast-off Diesel locomotives?

  2. Brian McMurphy

    The biggest scam since Climate Change. Don’t think that Barry still isn’t trying to push this stuff behind the scenes.

    Hell, she has so much chutzpah that yesterday she re-tweeted her husband from her Mayoral Twitter account:

    Disgusting people with disgusting designs on raping this city into permanent poverty.

    1. Papa

      Why does she still have access to ‘any’ metro information or services. There’s something in the wood pile that stinks!

  3. 83ragtop50

    Surely this cannot be true. A mass transit plan that is already busting the budget before any construction has been completed.

    Of course that is typical as will be the case should Davidson County voters be fooled into funding the ridiculous plan that Megan Barry put on the table….. and that new mayor Briley is drooling over.