It’s Daylight Saving Time Weekend – Get Ready to ‘Spring Forward!’

What that the clock giveth, the clock taketh away…

Yes; it’s that time again! On Sunday, March 11, 2 a.m. will suddenly become 3 a.m. as most Americans observe Daylight Saving Time. (Or is it that we stop observing it?)

Anyway, first implemented in 1918 (and finally made a federal standard in 1966), the metaphysical practice of moving our clocks forward and back was an attempt to help save energy costs and maximize productive hours by mitigating the seasonal changes in the hours of daylight from summer to winter.

Of course the practice has many critics – and in some places, “Daylight Savings” is going away altogether. (Looking at you, Florida…!) In others, it never came. (Arizona!)

So, those of us who still have “watches” and “clocks” that need setting from time to time – get ready!

But for now, enjoy this hilarious little parody that celebrates the absurdity of it all.



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