Gone in Sixty Seconds: New One-Minute Video by BT4N Shreds the Transit Plan Rationale

Better Transit for Nashville, a new group opposing the massive $9 Billion transit plan proposal, has a new video that in exactly one minute explains exactly why the current plan won’t help anyone – except for Nashville-area elites.

The sixty-second explainer consists of simple white text on a black background with a light soundtrack of piano and violin.

Clearly tuned for sharing on social media platforms like Facebook, the video begins, “In One Minute: Nashville Transit Plan 2018 & Why It Won’t Work:”

The plan is not regional, To truly deal with traffic & transit, a plan has to include the 10-county region.

Light rail at best serves only 1% or less of commuters, an amount that with have no impact on traffic.
Light rail is 15mph max – school zone speed

Best case projections: in 50 years, transit ridership will no increase at all & likely will decrease
All data is at the end of this video. Public transit is declining at 3.5% annually. Generous projections for Nash in 2070: 1.3%of commuters will use public transit. Today, approx 2%

In 50 years, light rail with be completely, 100% obsolete and extinct
Light rail is 70% of the costs: $6B of the $9B

The 32 miles of massive light rail & tracks will take up the middle three lanes of our primary roadways. It will make our traffic worse.
Light rail is 70% of the costs: $6B of the $9B. Charlotte Pk, Gallatin Rs, Murf Rd, Nol Rd, NW corridor.

Think traffic is bad on our main roads now? Eliminate half the lanes, and it will be a disaster.
BRT: There will also be 27 miles of Bus Rapid Transit in two lanes on four roadways: West End Ave, Hillsboro Rd, Rosa Parks Clarksville Highway & Dickerson Rd.

Watch the entire video here:


The ambitious makeover of Nashville current transit system is up for a public vote by Metro Nashville voters on May 1.




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