Hillary Clinton Overseas: Trump Won ‘Backwards’ Voters Who ‘Didn’t Like Black People,’ Women

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told an overseas audience this week that her 2016 election loss came at the hands of “backwards”-looking voters who “didn’t like black people getting rights” or women in the workplace.

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6 Thoughts to “Hillary Clinton Overseas: Trump Won ‘Backwards’ Voters Who ‘Didn’t Like Black People,’ Women”

  1. Bill E.

    Please tell me India’s not paying for her to speak while millions are starving over there, unless they intend to use Hillary’s blame game speeches as cow manure to make their gardens grow.

  2. Bill

    Squillary has got to be a descendent of Jezzebel. No doubt.

  3. SarahRRR

    Meh… if you’re referring to JFK Jr, he crashed his plane at night, over water. If I remember right, he was not an instrument-rated pilot, either.


  4. Brian McMurphy

    Miserable old hag. She stole her party’s nomination from Sanders by bailing out the DNC in exchange for control and hid from interviewers for a year. Her contempt for any political opponents was never masked very well despite being an inveterate liar.

    NY gave her a senate seat. Obama gave her the State Department to keep an enemy close. She never had to be a retail politician.

    An unlikeable and hateful partisan who won’t accept the fact that Amercans did not want to vote for a nagging Big Mother-In-Law who openly hates them.

    People excused Bill Clinton’s behavior because they sympathized with him being married to a shrew like her. But that is his cross, not ours.

    1. Papa

      As I have learned, O’Hitlery’s opponent in the NY senate died in a plane crash due to weather . . . . .clear sunny skies!
      O’Hitlery won’t accept defeat because she was promised the spot for “standing by Willy”.
      Now the foreign leaders that contributed to the Clinton foundation while she was SOS know they will never get the favors promised them “when” she became POTUS and is retaliating.
      I think we need to deport her to Benghazi!

  5. 83ragtop50

    India or Europe or Syria is a good place for her and her lies.
    Have you ever seen such a big cry baby?