Gubernatorial Candidate Bill Lee Launches New Website Dedicated to Reinstating Faith in the Public Square

Bill Lee Faith in the Public Square

Franklin-based businessman Bill Lee launched a new website Tuesday that discusses the gubernatorial hopeful’s views on Faith in the public square, along with a list of events with faith-based community organizations, and a video introducing the effort called, “Faith in Tennessee.” (embedded below)

“Too often, our leaders in government work to create government-first solutions to address some of the challenges we face,” Lee said in a statement. “This comes at the expense of many fantastic organizations that are already doing the work and are looking for willing partners, not a government-sponsored competitor.”

The website’s singular purpose is to lay out Lee’s thoughts on how to better engage leaders in the faith and nonprofit groups and also lists more than a dozen events scheduled across the state with nonprofits and faith-based organizations.  The tour, which the campaign says will continue through the end of March, highlights groups Lee sees as some of Tennessee’s most effective organizations.

“People of faith have been called to serve,” Lee said. “Faith and community leaders are consistently at the forefront because they are often the ones on the front lines battling addiction and improving education.  As I continue to travel across this state, I know that engaging them even more will lead to better results. Also, the more we engage with community leaders, the more government recedes.”

Lee’s informal working partners in his effort is his Community and Faith-Based Advisory Council, announced two weeks ago.  The group of over 25 community and faith-based leaders – led by five Honorary Co-Chairs – are advising Lee on how to best engage and recruit faith and community-based organizations to help solve some of the state’s most pressing problems.




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6 Thoughts to “Gubernatorial Candidate Bill Lee Launches New Website Dedicated to Reinstating Faith in the Public Square”

  1. Donna Locke

    Giving public money to faith-based organizations/initiatives is not conservative and should be stopped. The Republicans are so dedicated to growing government

  2. lb

    I think this is a noble idea but it clearly isnt a priority and a very obvious pandering move for votes–just my two cents

  3. Stuart I. Anderson

    Please conservatives, don’t get too emotional supporting Lee, Black, or Harwell. Whoever wins, it’s not going to be that important to us so long as Randy! Boyd loses. Randy! wins and it’s four, most likely EIGHT, years of struggle and fighting. Let’s just wait and see who has the best chance of beating Randy!, then vote, because its ANYBODY BUT BOYD!

  4. Papa

    At present, Lee will get my vote. I’m sure the liberals, LGBT, and atheist will be all over this. It’s time we take America back!

  5. 83ragtop50

    It is too bad that Mr. Lee still has social agenda items that are contrary to conservative values. I suppose that those who are wealthy can afford such positions but we laboring in the trenches have to deal with the aftermath created by their unwarranted compassion. For example – giving in-state tuition to ILLEGALS.

    1. rammy84

      FAKE NEWS. Its Boyd who supports giving illegals in-state privileges. Bill Lee said clearly he opposed it even in a crowd full of of libs who cheered Czar Karl Dean for supporting it