Commentary: School Walkout’s Larger Political Agenda Is Clear, But Most Media Won’t Cover That

On the one-month anniversary of the shooting massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, students and teachers across the country walked out of school at 10 a.m. Wednesday morning. Spearheaded by the Youth Empower branch of the Women’s March group, the walkout included at least 3,136 events nationwide. Many demonstrations included 17 minutes…

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8 Thoughts to “Commentary: School Walkout’s Larger Political Agenda Is Clear, But Most Media Won’t Cover That”

  1. Not My Democratic Party

    China allowed Mao Zedong to turn its youth against the older and more knowledgeable citizens. Children and students protested against their own parents. Parents and teachers were persecuted by the youth who were swayed by the propaganda of a violent ideology. Sound familiar?

  2. Kevin

    “We also recognize the United States has exported gun violence through imperialist foreign policy to destabilize other nations. We raise our voices for action against all these forms of gun violence.”

    This makes me want to puke! Maybe these snowflake kids ought to “walk out” among the rows of white crosses and stars of David over looking the Normandy beaches, or rolling hills of Arlington? Wonder how their idols, Mao, Pol, Che, would handle these school administrators that allow kids to just walk out? Mao would shoot them and send their family the bill for the bullet!

  3. Randall

    I’m hoping that these students will walk out in protest of Roe vs. Wade. 58 million babies have been killed since it passed . That’s 58 million children that will NEVER have the same opportunity to walk out in protest.

  4. Wolf Woman

    The Women’s March organizers said: ” . . . We also recognize the United States has exported gun violence through imperialist foreign policy to destabilize other nations . . . ”

    Whenever you see the word “imperialist” you can know for sure that those who use this word are neo-Marxists who hate our U.S. Constitution and are driven by envy.

    Please read the book Witness by Whittaker Chambers and you will see the depth of the damage our country has endured for generations. Our own version of the neo-Marxists here in Tennessee include the ACLU TN, TIRRC and just about any organization with “social justice” in its name.

    1. Papa

      Don’t leave out OFA (organized by Hussein O). With some 30,000 members and about 250 offices across the country, funded by the likes of George Soros and the liberal elite, they are causing much of what we are seeing. If this was truly about gun control, why has the fact 67 people died on/in church property in 2017 not mentioned? Young people today are prone to follow anything to ‘fit in’. The left knows this and has taken full advantage of these students to promote an agenda. “Never let a crisis go to waste”

  5. 83ragtop50

    Good ole Sumner County schools joined in this charade. Our local high school principal was quoted in the local newspaper as being in support of this. Once upon a time in an America that is now far, far away I attended high school to be educated in the field of academics. Now it seems that high schools have become a platform for the teaching of political correctness and activism. If the students wanted to show support then they should have done it after school on their own time. I sure wish Sumner County schools had the Needville, Texas superintendent but we are stuck with the liberal leaning Dr. Phillips – the one that closed down the schools because he was pitching a tantrum over funding. A great example of leadership (sarcasm).

  6. Jay

    Riots, brawling, tearing down of the American flag, stomping on cop cars. Not only the violence allowed by The Tennessee Department of Education but the lack of protecting our kids from leftist indoctrination in pursuit of a anti-2nd Amendment political agenda. A compete and total failure on behalf of Dr. Candace McQueen and the governor of the State of Tennessee.

    1. Papa

      Worried about safety of the students??? What a farce! The walk out was the perfect opportunity for another school shooting!! They were in the open, no cover and right on time!