CBS Anchors Allow Parkland Survivors to Smear NRA Without Pushback

When Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg claimed Monday on CBSN that the National Rifle Association (NRA) has “basically threatened” pro-gun control survivors and is “creating more violence so they can scare more people and sell more guns,” the network’s anchors failed to challenge the student’s incendiary claims.

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5 Thoughts to “CBS Anchors Allow Parkland Survivors to Smear NRA Without Pushback”

  1. Randall

    By their standard of thinking they should be bashing the alcohol industry. More teenagers die from alcohol than all illegal drugs combined .

  2. Brian McMurphy

    Saying “survivor” gives these bystanders more moral authority then they deserve. Was he shot? No. Did he make a beeline for the camera, Most certainly.

    That’s more ham than Hogg. Definitely somebody’s pizza topping.

    So his mother works at CNN and his father is a pro-John Podesta ex-FBI agent.

    At best he’s trying to pimp dead classmates for his college admissions or an internship with Anderson Cooper.

    Scum raises scum. Whitewash,rinse and repeat.

  3. Papa

    Recruited, trained and coached by the left! If the subject was truly about gun control, other shootings would be referenced ie, the 67 people killed in or on church property in 2017. Never mentioned!
    *Hogg is originally from Los Angeles, California, but moved to Florida at the beginning of high school. *He is the son of Kevin Hogg, a former agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and Rebecca Boldrick, a teacher for Broward County Public Schools in Broward County, Florida.[13]
    Hogg is a senior and he is expected to graduate from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, in the spring of 2018.*** He is a Teenlink reporter for the Sun Sentinel, and chose to attend Stoneman Douglas because of the television production classes it offered.

  4. Bart Moran

    I’m always amazed how folks make these logical leaps. The gunman was not a member of the NRA, and had no plans to join. The NRA does not “sell” guns, it is an organization of gun owners.

    Maybe the blame lies with the absolute embarrassing manner in which a very disturbed young man was handled by “the system”. Students who behave as he did should be institutionalized “before” they inflict harm to themselves or others.

  5. Eric

    David Hogg is in his 20’s and is out of school so he can’t be a survivor of the shootings at Parkland.

    He is a paid actor and the MSM is giving him a pass.