MSNBC’s Barnicle Claims Obama Era Was ‘Virtually Scandal-Free’

MSNBC senior contributor Mike Barnicle gushed over former President Barack Obama Tuesday on “Morning Joe,” claiming with a straight face that Obama’s eight years in the White House were “virtually scandal-free.”

Barnicle was interviewing Robert Gibbs, Obama’s first White House press secretary, when he lavished President Donald Trump’s predecessor with unvarnished praise. Without attempting to disguise his less than favorable opinion of Trump and his administration, Barnicle asked Gibbs about “the damage that’s being done to the institution of the presidency today” after eight years under an “exemplary” president.

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One Thought to “MSNBC’s Barnicle Claims Obama Era Was ‘Virtually Scandal-Free’”

  1. Papa

    None the MSM reported! We are seeing more evidence every day of the corruption that happened under Hussein O’s reign.