Steve Gill Eviscerates Biased Polling Firm During Appearance on WKRN

Conservative political commentator and Tennessee Star contributor Steve Gill eviscerated the biased poll findings of PPP Polling in his regular appearance on Friday’s edition of WKRN’s “This Week with Bob Mueller.”

“A second poll in a row shows Phil Bredesen leading by a 5 point lead over Marsha Blackburn [in the U.S. Senate race]. Let’s talk about the poll first. But that’s a bit of a surprise,” host Bob Mueller said.

“There’s also a lot of problems in this poll,” Gill responded.

“They polled registered voters rather than likely voters. And the polling company that did this is a Democrat, left leaning polling company, PPP, that did polls in the battleground states last year during the presidential election, and they missed Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Florida, that all went for Trump, contrary to what they were saying, and vastly underestimated what he was doing in Ohio,” he added.

“The national eyes are on this race. Charlie Cook says it’s a tossup, do you agree with that?” Mueller asked Gill.

“I think it will be a close race, but I think Marsha Blackburn wins, in large part because, while Phil Bredesen may pretend to be a moderate, he’s ‘Bill-I-Voted-For-Hillary’ Bredesen. He gave $68,000 to Hillary Clinton, who lost this state by 40 points, and when you look at his first vote, it’s not going to be to cure partisanship, it’s going to be to put Chuck Schumer, one of the most partisan New Yorkers–kind of like Phil, he’s also from New York–in charge of the U.S. Senate.”





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5 Thoughts to “Steve Gill Eviscerates Biased Polling Firm During Appearance on WKRN”

  1. Michael PS Hayes

    I have voted for Bredesen in the past for Governor and thought he was a great Governor, but the state has changed since he’s been in office. 10 years ago, he would have smoked Blackburn but he’s been out too long and the state became more red since him. Also Karl Dean is pretty well Dead in the water with his race, no way either race goes Democrat

  2. Vandy Grad student

    Phil Bredesen is another old, white, tired man. Is he seriously the best of the DNC in TN?

  3. Kevin

    Although I tend to agree with Steve on this, frankly what’s the point! With Trump’s signing of the latest Republican Omnibus abomination, we’re just fooling ourselves if we think any politician, “Republican” or Democrat, is going to remove the Federal chains from around our legs!

  4. Eric

    Vote for Blackburn folks. We can’t let carpetbagger Bredesen win. He is no more a moderate than Hillary Klinton.

    1. Both Marsha Blackburn and Phil Bredesen are carpetbaggers, Marsha comes from Misisippi. You don’t have to be stuck with Marsha or Phil, Vote Eddie Lawson, He is coming after both of them.