Tennessee Firearms Association: Nashville Gun Control March ‘Does Nothing But Show A Disdain for Our Entire Constitutional Republic’

Tennessee Firearms Association: Nashville Gun Control March 'Does Nothing But Show A Disdain for Our Entire Constitutional Republic'

The far-left organizers of the Nashville gun control march that drew some 10,000 people of all ages to the city’s downtown on Saturday portrayed the event as an exercise in political democracy to “keep students safe in school,” but Tennessee Firearms Association (TFA) Executive Director John Harris told The Tennessee Star in an exclusive statement it “does nothing but show a disdain for our entire constitutional republic.”

Organized by the far-left “Women’s March,” the national series of gun control marches held on Saturday, dubbed by the organizers as a “March for Our Lives” (using the language of the decades long pro-life anti-abortion movement), were said to have been a demonstration “by and for students” to support stricter gun legislation in the wake of the school shooting at Marjory-Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

“The March for Our Lives demonstrates yet again how some will implicate the First Amendment in a misguided attempt to trample the rights recognized and protected from any infringement by the Second Amendment,” TFA’s Harris told The Star.

“Sadly, such an exhibition does nothing but show a disdain for our entire constitutional republic, which is the only form of government proven to recognize and protect individual rights,” Harris added.

Breitbart News reported that marchers at the Washington D.C. rally, the largest of all the national gun control marches held on Saturday, “carried signs revealing their anti-gun, anti-Trump, and pro-left wing agenda,” adding:

The event was launched by students at the Parkland, Florida high school where 17 people were shot and killed last month by a former student with a long history of mental health issues and run-ins with law enforcement. But in a matter of days, left wing and gun control groups hijacked the march and transformed it into a turn out-the-liberal-vote rally.

“Vote them out!” people chanted on stage and on the ground, as young people took to the podium to demand Congress pass laws to ban certain guns and restrict gun purchases.

The groups involved in organizing, promoting, and funding the March for Life include the anti-gun Giffords – an organization started by former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ) – Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, Move On, the Women’s March, and Planned Parenthood.

Signs at the march targeted Republicans, President Donald Trump, and the National Rifle Association.

Local organizers in Nashville, and national organizers emphasized the need to “save the children” but appeared to make no mention of the Second Amendment’s guarantees of individual liberties and the right to bear arms.

“This is by students, it’s about students, it’s for students,” local March for Our Lives organizer and Vanderbilt student Grace Allaman told WSMV news Friday. “If only one child is saved by what we do tomorrow it would be worth it.”

A quick look at the Nashville “March for Our Lives” event page on Facebook shows the groups featured on the day included:

– Women’s March Tennessee – Power Together
– The Bernie Sanders-supporting Our Revolution Nashville & Middle Tennessee
– Tennessee Advocates for Planned Parenthood
– Tennessee Activist Coalition (a nonpartisan activist collective)
– Safe Tennessee Project (non-partisan, volunteer based organization dedicated to addressing the epidemic of gun violence in Tennessee)
– Moms Demand Action – TN (Americans demanding reasonable solutions to address our nation’s culture of gun violence)
– Mothers OVER Murder (A healing and action group for mother and families who have lost loved ones to senseless killings)

The event page also featured a solicitation for donations, handled through ‘The Community Foundation of Tennessee.’ The foundation, a 25-year old 501 (c) (3) who report they have donated over $798 Million to Middle Nashville charities, say the fundraising is critical to keeping the effort afloat:

We need to raise funds to secure the necessary logistics for March For Our Lives Nashville (ie speakers, permits, security, trash receptacles, etc.) so that the 5,000 or more participants we anticipate attending the march can feel both safe and inspired. We are seeking donations from individuals, businesses, and foundations to support the March for Our Lives Nashville Fund.

Please consider making a donation today!

The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee’s 2016 financials show their Assets valued at just over $400 Million.

The day’s march – one of many similar, coordinated events across the country – went from Deadrick Street to Public Square Park

Nashville’s Mayor David Briley, who spoke at the event on Saturday, tweeted:

WSMV reported that some of those who participated in the day’s events included celebrities like Haley Williams (lead singer of the Franklin-based band Paramore), Sarah Hyland (from TV’s Modern Family), as well as singer Faith Hill.

Superstar Taylor Swift lent her voice to support the event via Instagram, saying:

No one should have to go to school in fear of gun violence. Or to a nightclub. Or to a concert. Or to a movie theater. Or to their place of worship. I’ve made a donation to show my support for the students, for the March For Our Lives campaign, for everyone affected by these tragedies, and to support gun reform. I’m so moved by the Parkland High School students, faculty, by all families and friends of victims who have spoken out, trying to prevent this from happening again.

Turning Point USA’s Charlie Kirk was at the “March for Our Lives” gun control rally in Washington, D.C. on Saturday, and shot this video which the group said “exposes the fact that gun control marchers know nothing about guns.

Specifically, Kirk asked a number of marchers if they could provide a simple definition of an assault rifle.

Kirk received plenty of profanity in response, but none of the marchers were able to provide such a definition. One marcher, however, did say that assault rifles, pistols, and knives should all be banned.

You can watch the video here.




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7 Thoughts to “Tennessee Firearms Association: Nashville Gun Control March ‘Does Nothing But Show A Disdain for Our Entire Constitutional Republic’”

  1. Yes some laws are logical but over strict laws are not appreciated.

  2. spclopr8tr

    Right. “If only one child is saved” is the mantra at a rally sponsored by Planned Parenthood, an organization that daily murders thousands of babies. If gun owners save even one child with the defensive use of their firearm, then unrestricted access to firearms by those legally permitted to own them is worth it.

  3. Millennial Protester

    Yaaay. Now I can go to Spring Break and get drunk off my ass , smoke weed, and spill beer on topless girls. I love not having responsibilities.

  4. Hasiloan Sinaga

    Gun ownership is JUST FINE.
    I don’t have one but I love guns.

  5. Matt

    These Civically ignorant Youngsters are being used by the Leftist Progressives to advance their lifelong war against our Second Amendment, and to mobilize them and indoctrinate them to be useful idiots in the midterm elections. The Hollywood elites and their Leftist allies will provide insane levels of funding, to move their deceptive tactics and agendas forward. Give an inch to this Communist Mob … and they will grab 2 miles.

    Lamestream Media, our Public Educational System and Parents unwilling to nurture these Youngsters with Biblical Values and Principles, have created this ignorant Mob Rule tsunami that seeks to unravel every virtue that made America the last bastion of Liberty on earth.

    Patriots had better wake from their sleepy trances and exercise THEIR Civic Responsibilities and Authority.

  6. Kevin

    We are one very small step away from the world plunging into the 2nd Dark Ages! These kids and media idiots are being used as pawns. Once the 2nd Amendment falls NOTHING stops “government” from abolishing the 1st Amendment! And it will!

    Once that happens, the United States ceases to exist. Then, who will come to the aid of free people all around the world, when the next Hitler, Stalin or Mao come along?

    Hey snowflakes, what will happen if Trump IS as you say a Nazi? How will you fend off the “Brown Shirts”? You’ll be singing a different tune when they come for your lattes!