Letter to the Editor: Tennessee’s Best Option for Conservative Leadership Is Bill Lee

Dear Tennessee Star,

In 2010, Obamacare was pushed through on a party-line vote in the dead of night. While it has absolutely eviscerated our health care system, there was a silver-lining: It galvanized the forces of conservative voters across the country to stand up and speak up. The silent majority would be silent no more.

But since that day, we have seen our Republican leadership compromise on key values of spending, debt, life, immigration, and we have watched them oversee the ever-growing expansion of government into our lives.

At the federal level, we continue to see a budget that funds Obamacare and Planned Parenthood, while increasing the burden of debt on our children and grandchildren.

In Tennessee, we’ve seen state government expenditures grow by over 30% in the last 8 years alone. We’ve seen bills to strengthen the Copeland spending cap amendment die. And we’ve seen Common Core simply rebranded and repackaged and redeployed into our classrooms.

We now have a new silent majority: Voters and activists who are ready to see results, not more campaign rhetoric and kicking the can down the road.

Two years ago, we had a Republican presidential primary field that had many good candidates with government experience. But one candidate emerged from outside that world of politics, speaking to the frustration many of us had with our leadership. And in his first two years, we’ve seen that man, President Trump, change the conversation in a way that is twisting the political establishment into knots.

We have an opportunity for that kind of change in Tennessee. Of the four candidates running, only one comes from outside of government: Bill Lee. He’s a proven businessman with a positive agenda of reforming government spending, bringing real job skills back into education, and standing up for our traditional values.

Some may wonder if a businessman has the “skills” to lead our government. To those who believe that, let me ask you: What does a government of “we the people,” mean to you? If it means a special class of career political elite, then perhaps you should re-read your pocket constitution. But if it means bringing fresh ideas, from people with a vested interest in our community and proven success from the private sector, those who have demonstrated the ability to stand by their principles when times are tough, then Bill Lee is the best choice for you.

Bill Lee led a business, Lee Company, to amazing heights by growing it from revenues of $20 million to $240 million in his 26 years as a CEO. And he did it by leading with his values, making hard decisions, and managing a payroll, all while making Lee Company one of the best companies to work for in Tennessee. When he faced a labor shortage—the result of an education system that has forgotten vocational education—he didn’t go to government. He started his own vocational trade school, one that has helped over a thousand Tennesseans advance a career in the skilled trades.

He has led our community, serving as Chairman of the YMCA of Middle Tennessee, an organization that does more to serve children effectively than most government agencies. He serves on the board of Hope Clinic for Women and Men of Valor, defending the sanctity of life and restoring second chances. Experience making a payroll, and proven leadership with a connection to our community, are qualifications that should be required for our elected officials.

Bill Lee knows that the answer to our problems isn’t more government, a philosophy he never wavers from. He understands that compromises on spending today lead to pain tomorrow, which is why he will completely reform our state budget to cut taxes across the board and appoint an inspector general to clean up state government. And he knows that illegal means illegal, no matter the circumstances, and he will defend the rule of law accordingly.

Is he the most polished, or “slick” candidate? Of course not. Is he well-versed in the world of lobbyists, super PACs, and special interest baggage? No, but neither was President Trump. And like President Trump, Bill Lee does not play political games. He is about one thing: Results.

And that’s what you’ll get if you elect Bill Lee to be the chief executive of our great state.

Don’t let the political hype drive your decision. Do your research, and learn more about Bill Lee.


Katherine H.
Murfreesboro, TN






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6 Thoughts to “Letter to the Editor: Tennessee’s Best Option for Conservative Leadership Is Bill Lee”

  1. Jessica Young

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but neither of the two main parties have done this country any favors in the past several decades. The current president has shown himself to be massively incompetant and woefully unprepared and ignorant of how world affairs actually work.We don’t need another one of those or a Hillary clone in the Governor’s office.

  2. VoterVic

    I think we’ll all be surprised in a good way….Bill Lee can win and he will be a strong conservative on both moral and public policies at the state level. Business men and woman
    are our best best for state government reform. Bill Lee has no political experience, allow him a few mis-teps, we’ve certainly given Lamar and Bob a bunch of those! Bill will hold no punches on policy matters….he doesn’t want to be governor for the same reasons that Black and Boyd want to be governor. I believe he wants to be governor because he knows he can help. Black and Boyd will certainly help themselves.

  3. Stuart I. Anderson

    . . .and he’s an “angel who spends all winter bringin’ the homeless blankets and dinner, a regular Nobel Prize winner” as the great Lee Ann Womack would say but the problem with Lee is that he’s way past puberty and he has not uttered a single word as far as I know to indicate whether he has a political philosophy, no series of contributions to candidates, NOTHING and he is running for the highest office in the state. Liberal? Conservative? Anarchist? Monarchist? Beats me!

    But I may vote for him! Indeed, Republicans (and their Democratic friends who vote in Republican primaries) who can elect Lamar Alexander over and over again may very well make Lee the most likely to beat Randy! on election day in which case Bill will get my vote for it’s better to gamble on Lee because we know what we will get with Boyd. That’s why I say its (altogether now) ANYBODY BUT BOYD!

    1. steve osborn

      Stuart, Bill did contribute to Nashville mayor Barry’s campaign in 2015. Not much, just $500.

  4. Bruce I Griffey

    Illegal Drug use and overuse of legal prescription drugs are Destroying America. Employers cannot hire workers that cannot pass a drug test because of liability and productivity issues. ANYONE on PUBLIC TAX PAYER ASSISTANCE should not continue to get financial help to continue to use drugs and NOT WORK! We need mandatory drug testing for those on public assistance. Not necessarily jail but Rehab for sure! On the stump, Bill Lee refused to take a stand and state his position on this simple issue of right and wrong. In fact, Bill Lee seemed unable to address any current public policy issues. I’ve
    Seen this game before from the RINO/DEM Party – run a conservative to split our VOTE so Boyd and Haslam win. NO THANK YOU! If Lee really cared about Tennesseans, he would drop out and back Diane Black! Lee has zero chance! If Lee takes conservative votes away from Diane Black, Guess what? Boyd win. Boyd is Pro-amnesty Illegal Immigration Sanctuary Cities! ANYBODY BUT BOYD!