Steve Gill Analysis: That 2018 ‘Blue Wave’ May Be a Little Tougher To Accomplish Than the Left Thinks

Conservative political commentator and Tennessee Star contributor Steve Gill said on The Gill Reportbroadcast live on WETR 92.3 FM in Knoxville on Monday, that the oft-mentioned and fervently hoped-for “Blue Wave” of Democrat victories this fall may be a little tougher to come by than the left may think.

“Are the 2018 midterm elections shaping up to be the ‘Blue Wave’ that the mainstream media would believe is coming where Democrats trounce Republicans across the country, and retake the House and the Senate and then impeach Donald Trump…? Well, maybe in their hope and dreams,” Gill posited.

He continued:

That’s certainly the way the mainstream media was painting the Republican primary and Democrat primary in Texas a few weeks ago. They were proclaiming that energized Democrats were poised to “make history” and “turn Texas blue.”

But then Election Day happened and Republicans were the ones who actually set a Texas primary turnout record.

In the Pennsyvania special election where Demecrat Lamb defeated Republicn Saccone by a mere .2 of a percent? Well that’s in a district where Democrats actually have a 50 thousand vote registration margin. And for the Democrat to win, he had to run against Nancy Pelosi, sidle up to Donald Trump, run as a pro-tariff, pro-gun, pro-life Democrat – which isn’t actually going to take place in most of the parts around the country. He also outspent the Republican 5-to-1 to get that narrow .2 of a percent win.

So is a “Blue Wave” coming? Well, there may be chances for Democrats to pick up seats in the House, because 38 Republican House members are not running for re-election.

Now, the leftist media is proclaiming this means they see a doom-and-gloom scenario ahead where they’re “getting out while the getting’s good.” Well that might be the case. Or there could be some other reasons for the high turn over of Republicans.

Over a dozen of the 38 – just about a third – are running for higher office. Like Steve Pierce in New Mexico who’s running for Governor. Or closer to home – Marsha Blackburn and Diane Black who are both leaving their seats in Congress to run for Senator and Governor of Tennessee, respectively. Others, like Tennessee congressman Jimmy Duncan are retiring after decades of service. Duncan has been in his House seat in East Tennessee for three decades – the seat his father held for 23 years before that – so some of them are just tired.

And several have been Committee Chairs – very powerful Committee Chairs – who are being forced out by the Republican rules that force Chairs to leave their seats after a certain period under their term limit rules, meaning that they can either return to the less-powerful, rank-and-file service or seek other options, like seeking a position in the Trump Administration.

Now there may still be a “Blue Wave” in the midterm elections. But more likely, it will be one of those modicum elections where it will tilt a little this way or that, with Republicans gaining seats in the Senate and Democrats – sort like in those tv commercials: getting close, but no cigar.

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One Thought to “Steve Gill Analysis: That 2018 ‘Blue Wave’ May Be a Little Tougher To Accomplish Than the Left Thinks”

  1. Papa

    Steve, in case you haven’t seen, the GOP is making it easier every day for the ‘blue wave’. All we heard for 8 years was “We don’t have control” “If we only had control”. They get control by lies and false promises then proceed to pixx it away.