Here’s The Real Reason Democrats Oppose Census Change

Monday’s announcement that the U.S. Census Bureau will include a citizenship question in its decennial head county in 2020 sparked all kinds of caterwauling from the Left and a legal challenge from California. California Secretary of State Alex Padilla called the move an attempt “to stoke the fires of anti-immigrant hostility.” Government funding is based, in…

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One Thought to “Here’s The Real Reason Democrats Oppose Census Change”

  1. Kevin

    To me even having a debate about whether to ask people if they are “citizens” when taking a census, is just ridiculous! Why don’t we count people in Mexico and Canada, they might come here. Why don’t we count the dead people in cemeteries, aren’t they still “here”? Why don’t we count the unborn in the womb? Oops, scratch that thought, I forgot,”they aren’t people” according to the liberals pushing this idiocracy!