The FBI and Omar Mateen, Pulse Nightclub Shooter

How do you know something very much disturbs the left and their narrative? When it is big news, but if you relied on the Google news lineup, or The New York Times front page, you would have no idea it happened.

Case in point: The extraordinary revelation by prosecutors in the trial of the Pulse nightclub shooter’s widow, Noor Salman, that the father of her now-dead terrorist husband was an FBI informant for 11 years.

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3 Thoughts to “The FBI and Omar Mateen, Pulse Nightclub Shooter”

  1. Ron

    Then comes the details that Omar’s father was an FBI informant. When asked if his son was going to do something, the reply was something like “Omar is just being Omar, don’t worry” In fact, Omar was checking Disney World out, he chose against Disney because of all the guns walking around.

  2. Papa

    I’ve been called a nut case and a conspiracy theorist so it doesn’t bother me. But with all the recent “failures” of the FBI to perform their job, just “what if” they are part of the left’s movement for gun control?
    ie, Charleston, Texas church, Orlando, Parkland, and Ft Lauderdale airport could have been prevented had the FBI done their job.

  3. Bill

    This is a great example of political correctness going awry. You must have a Muslim here, a transgender there. Can’t speak about God in schools, etc. The country continues to invite destruction and depravity into society all in the name of PC. The ACLU is the biggest hate group in the country, yet it tries to blanket itself under the American flag while tearing the constitution to pieces not to mention the moral integrity of this nation. I’m sure the FBI absolutely has a political bias and agenda but also a fear of the ramifications of political correctness if they try to expose would be terrorist of Muslim faith. However, stand up for a faith that stands for a loving God which produces and stands for morals and watch the ACLU come running and screaming not fair! Just what their agenda is and those behind it is what should alarm us. The powers that be have strategically hit colleges to get the young people who have not formed a societal opinion due to poor parenting, and manipulate their thought into fitting their agenda. This is liberal weaponization of young impressionable minds, not to better society but to destroy it. Yet college they find isn’t early enough. Now they are hitting the high schools lobbying students to support gun confiscation. Preschool is right around the corner.